Monday, March 26, 2018

Afternoon tea at The English Rose

I already told you that Mr. Man and his friend has started a new venture on Darjeeling Tea. (those who are interested can visit: For that reason he has been talking with many of tea lounges nearby. One of them he found out was The English Rose tea shop. Few weeks back he went there to talk with the owner of the shop. After coming back from there he told me about that, and I also searched on the Internet.

The Entrance

I was completely blown away by the beauty of the tiny little fairy tale looking shop. I had been thinking of going there. I think  Mr. Man managed to read my mind, and one gloomy Friday morning he suggested me  to going there in that very afternoon. 

The gloomy Friday morning suddenly became a “one fine Friday Morning”. The day was extremely busy, as my son had a field trip, and I went with them as a chaperon. That consumed my entire morning. After coming back I had little time. So, we picked him from school , and directly went to that very fairy tale shop. The little shop just outside the downtown of Pleasanton. 


The entrance was not on the side walk, but on the side of the store. So, when we took the turn on the side, and came to the entrance, to me it was like, I found some hidden treasure. I love the shop, because I have a weakness on Shabby Chic style. I always want to decorate my house with that very style, but other won’t accept that. Anyway, we went through the “Alice in the Wonderland” door, and sat around a cosy little table with beautifully mismatching rustic white-pink chair. All the cushions, the tables, the chairs were not at all matching, but the owners mixed them so artistically that it created a fairy tale vibe. The fairies build their houses whatever they get in their hand in the woods. It was same as fairy tale cottage.

English Rose tea
Scrumptious Asparagus soup

Then came the menu full of different tea.  It was difficult to choose the tea from the almost never-ending menu, I chose English rose tea, with a sweet aroma of rose. Mr. Man chose oolong tea, and the kiddie wanted to taste chocolate tea. 

 I always love when the afternoon tea tray comes with all the scrumptious goodies. The sweet lady told me all the names, but unfortunately I forgot almost all of them. The cucumber sandwich, the sandwich croissant was the still. We couldn’t eat the sweets. So we packed them, and took home. However, we didn’t get chance to eat any of the them, as the reason is obvious.


I had afternoon in Wolsley in London, I enjoyed that a lot. That was my first experience of afternoon, but it was heavenly. I would love to go back again!


Elena M said...

Great post dear! Photos are amazing!

Rafa Oliveira said...

Beautiful photos.

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

That is such a nice shop and a lot of wonderful things to look at. The tea time looks like it was a lot of fun.

Betsy said...

I love this sweet tea shop. I too would love to decorate Shabby chic but my husband would not like it. I can have a space to myself for one that I am thinking about. Cucumber sandwiches are always good. Did they have the bread spread with cream cheese and dill? Yummm. Chocolate tea is one I have never heard of but would love to try. I have chocolate mint growing and maybe I could make a tea with that. Such a sweet post, thank you for sharing and the beautiful photos of the place.

Giga said...

This store is like a fairy tale. To be there, it is not known what to admire. Everything is adorable. And also tea, it's nice from the shop owner. Regards.

Home Chic Club said...

This is so lovely dear! Thanks for sharing! xoxo
Vesna - Home Chic Club

DIMI said...

Hello Krishna!
What a beautiful and unique place for tea time!
Lovely decorations! Your 2 last post didn’t appear on my blog list!
It shows the post a week ago! Enjoy your week!

It's me said...

Mmmmmmm...delicious ...Nice your comment on my blog ...Nice your blog i follow you now love Ria x ❤️

marigold said...

Hi, I really love this kind of places, that's amazing.. You have the very interesting blog, I think that I will visit you:))))

Anonymous said...

It would be fun to visit such a fairy tale shop and taste the teas and the soup looks delicious. Everything is decorated so pretty! So happy you were able to go.

shwet said...

That shop is really amazing!! i am sure you had great time there.Lovely pictures.
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Kathy Leonia said...

so magic place:)

Nancy Chan said...

It all looks and sounds like a wonderful afternoon tea experience!

Irreplaceable_fashion said...

Amazing place ang photos:)

Francisco Manuel Carrajola Oliveira said...

Também não dispenso um bom chá.
Um abraço e Boa Páscoa.

Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa
O prazer dos livros

Luana said...

wow! so beautiful place! each detail is perfect!

Guria do Século Passado

Ela said...

What a lovely place for an aromatic tea!!
Beautiful photos !!

Anonymous said...

so many beautiful things to see and such a lovely tea,, I would love to visit this amazing place,

orvokki said...

Oih.. my favorite place. So much wonderful things.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, what a lovely place to have some tea. Cute shop! Happy April, enjoy your day and new week!

Paola Lauretano said...

Cool parade and lovely tea!
Happy Easter my friend!
Kisses, Paola.


Pixel Peeper said...

What a beautiful tea shop!

Stephanie said...

My dear Krishna, I so enjoyed catching up with you, and oh, what a beautiful tea! The food looked so tasty and I just love the pretty tea decor.

Hugs to you!

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