Since my childhood I love to see different places. Though I couldn't get chance to travel anywhere as a child, but I knew many places, and the speciality of those place. I grew up in eighties. So, there was no internet. I used to  read a lots of children magazines. The travel stories always attracted me. I always devoured those stories, and would imagined those places.

 This was the time of analogue cameras, and the film rolls were expensive. People would spend those films very miserly to cover their whole travel. Naturally, all those travel stories used to contain very few pictures. All was left , imagination. I used to imagine those places from the writings. Still I love to read travel stories, and imagine a place, though the digital pictures leave very little room to do that. On the positive note, I can perfectly visualize the places fro the pictures. My childhood attraction to travel stories drives me to write my own.

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