Saturday, May 4, 2019

Landscaping time 4

We are now done with our front yard. Hopefully, now we need to do the routine care, and let the plants grow. I carefully chose all the draught tolerant plants. I've little skeptical with one plant, calandrinia. The succulent , native from Africa no doubt draught tolerant.  Rather, the plant doesn't like much water. So, it will be happy through out the summer. I'm little bit scared for the frost in winter. I've seen that plant in many front yards in my neighborhood. So, hopefully it will survive.

This year we are not doing anything in the backyard. So, my veggie garden is barren now. Last weekend we took care of orange tree. This year we have  bountiful oranges.  The tree bent down with load of oranges on it. We had to trim it down. So, Mr. Man trimmed it, while I helped him. Last four months after giving away a tons, eating at home, we got two bag full again. Still we have more on the tree.

Next year we are not going oranges.However, I'm happy, that at last the tree is looking good.

Next few days I'll be busy. So, I may not visit your blogs, and leave comment. But you please come to my blog. I'll try post. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Landscaping time 3

Beside planting some little annuals, I didn’t work much in the garden. I had few of the plants left to be planted. For that I needed to dig hole. As I told you, California native soil is very heavy and tight. I don’t have that much strength to dig big holes. So, I waited for the weekend. We planted all the rest of the plant. As it is already getting hotter, it was not wise to keep them in the small pots. The disadvantage of keeping the plants in small pots is that watering requires every day. Even we need to water the pots twice on hot days. 

Anyway, though it is not looking that full right now, as all the plants are still small. However, in course of timeI think it’ll look much fuller. In the end of the work, we really felt accomplished. We are just common people. We don’t have much knowledge about landscaping. Though the garden may look amateurish, but at least we did it ourselves.

We are eagerly waiting for the next season to our full garden. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Landscaping time 2

First of all thanks to all my lovely blogger friends for their beautiful encouraging comments. You have encouraged me so much that I get much enthusiasm to post the next step of our landscaping journey. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Landscaping time 1

Since long we have been thinking to making our front yard as well as backyard something different. We created many blueprint by ourselves in last couple of years. However, we couldn’t materialized our plan. The last blueprint was lying idly on the bottom of table for long time until I threw it away. Actually, I thought we had more copies of the plan. On the top of that we had been doing noting. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

A beautiful Spring day

We all look forward to the weekends to catch some extra sleeps. However, all weekends cannot be the same. Some weekends we need to wake up very early in the morning, and drag ourselves out of the bed. Waking up early in the morning is not a problem, but getting out of the bed on a chilly morning is impossible.  

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Holi-Festival of Colors

The word Holi originated from the name of one mythological demon named Holika. According ancient Hindu mythology King of the Demons obtained a boon which made him deathless. With the boon he became arrogant and wanted to be worshipped. His son Prahlada didn’t want to listen to him, and continued to worship Lord Vishnu. Out of rage the king wanted to destroy his own son. In order to help the king in his mission, king’s sister Holika lit up a pyre, and sit on it. She took Prahlada on the pyre. She was sitting on the pyre wrapping herself with a cloak which was going to protect her from fire. However, Prahlada had nothing. Lord Vishnu came to help Prahlada. The cloak suddenly flew away from Holika, and landed on Prahlada. By this way Lord Vishnu saved Prahlada, and Holika burned to death. 

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Green peas curry

Last few days I don’t now what I’m doing I have no idea. Only thing I know that I’m not getting time to think about what should I write in my blog. I had been a while. I know my blogger friends are waiting to hear something for me. 
In the morning while cooking I had been thinking to post a recipe. The funny part is that I tried few recipes a while ago, I took the pictures, but I didn’t write down the recipes. Now I forget all the recipes. So, no ways to post the recipes in my recipe section. I usually cook for the whole weekend. I really don’t feel cooking in any weekends. So, if I don’t cook for the weekend on Friday, then I’ve to scratch my head on weekend what to put on the table. I had few green peas left in my refrigerator. The packet gave the instruction to just microwave the peas before eating. I don’t like that recipe. I just gave a little Indian form. I made green peas stir fry without any spices except few nigella seeds. That turned out very tasty. Actually, nigella seeds always add fine aroma to the curry, specially to any stir fry.