While growing up I never imagined to see myself in the kitchen. However, one changes with the time. As I grew up, and started my career, I slowly developed a liking to cooking. After leaving my job when I came to the US, I was at loss. I couldn't make up mind, what to do. Then the kitchen, the food started attracting me. I found a solaces in the sound of the utensils, in the aroma of the spices, in the effort I put to cook a good dish. 

In the early morning when the outside is still dark, the birds start their aubade, I silently wake up and come to my kitchen. That time is totally my time. I plan my meals of the day that very time. While sipping a cup of steaming tea, I get absorb in the daily routine. Not all days can be happy and productive. Some days in life full of sadness, depression without any reason. My cozy kitchen gives me a place to breath on those dreary days. I cannot tell that I'm an amazing cook, but I like to try new recipes, as well as old ones. I love to share those with you which I think worth to share.

Indian Non vegetarian dishes 





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