Monday, May 16, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

In recent time I’ve noticed one thing. I’ve lost interest many of the things which I always like to do, no matter of anything. Among those likings are crafts,writing, and reading books. However, I had been not getting interested in doing the both. There are so many things to write, but couldn’t motivate me to write them down. 

My Mother's Day gift

Even on Mother’s Day, when my little one handed over me a little pouch with extreme excitement, I thought of writing down in my blog. But, the day went by , the night came, even the weekend ended , I didn’t type a single letter. What happened to me? Might be  I burned out. Might be I needed a little more rest than normal. 
I was thinking of taking rest, but when? Whenever I get time,  I make myself busy in some job. When I feel to have rest , then I have no time. Anyway, I have  to find out some time to catch forty winks. 

This is my picture in his eye.. :)

Anyway, my son made some gifts for me for Mother’s Day. Actually, his teacher in school helped them to make some gifts for mothers. He was so excited that he couldn’t wait until Sunday morning. Saturday morning, he told me that, next day was going to be Mother’s Day . So, he wanted to give some gift in advance. I nodded my head, and he rushed to his room, to bring the gifts. He handed over me to nice wrapped things. When I opened I found a beautiful card, where he drew my face (LOL) and wrote some beautiful words about me. Those words really flattered me. I really couldn’t imagine that my son wrote such beautiful words about. In reality the little demon always argues with me (ha ha ha). On a little canvas he drew an owl for me. He knew that owl is my favorite. I love to collect any form of owls except the living ones. So, the weekend began with a beautiful note. 
Sunday morning he woke me up early, and insisted me to take him to the zoo. I asked why we would go to zoo? He answered me , “Because it is Mother’s Day”. “But, this is my day”. “Still we will go to the zoo”.  He was determined to go there. The zoo is his favorite place to hang out. I cajoled and coaxed to pacify him. Ultimately, I succeeded when I promised him to give him his favorite food at dinner time. 

What he thinks about me.. :)


Gosia said...

In my country owls are symbol of wisdom your is great

Hindustanka said...

Lovely words about you... very touching :)) yes, life occupies us way too much... I can undertsand and it's normal. Take care and enjoy every moment with your little boy!

JoJo said...

What sweet gifts!!! Neil Armstrong kind of threw me off though...what an unusual choice by a child these days. That's something you would've seen from a kid in the 1970s. lol

Sharon D. said...

Awww...he is such a sweet boy. It is heartwarming to read about your Mother's Day.
Keep writing, Krishna! I'm cheering you on. ^.^

Beauty Unearthly said...

Lovely post dear! Have a great day! xx

Nancy Chan said...

Hi Krishna, sometimes it is our mood. I too at times feel ups and downs. Beautiful words from your kid. Hope you will bounce back soon!

handmade by amalia said...

Your children are such darlings. And I see that talent runs in the family.

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