Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I'm back

Lately I lost interest on updating my blog. The reason is really unknown to me. I won’t tell that, I’m too much busy to write down, or I don’t have anything to write. There are so many things to write in my blog. In fact I’ve  already wrote three of my travel stories, but I’m not feeling the urge to review them , and upload. Anyway, I think in near future I can overcome my sluggishness and can upload my exciting travel stories. Even I’ve written down some recipe which I’ve tried. But I didn’t post any of them. Why I’ve lost interest in posting I don’t know. However, I’m trying had to keep my hobby alive, and write something down. 
Wild flowers are blooming wildly in my backyard

My husband and I currently very mush interested in gardening, rather we are obsessed with our garden. Through out the day and night we are talking about our garden. What vegetable we can grow, which kind of plant we should buy for our garden, always come into our conversations. 
My husband and I worked together to make this retaining wall. And we planted Aralia there. We have plan to plant more Aralia under this Redwood tree to beautify the area. 

This year we are very much experimenting with our garden. Though we are almost done with the landscaping, still we are struggling to plant to right plant in right time. We already have gotten some successes. Our zucchini plants are doing very well, they already have given us some gigantic zucchini. Beans are showing their faces. Some of the annuals, and flowering shrubs are doing well. However, sad part is that, many of the plants died after planting. We yet to figure out what are the problems. 
Garden harvest: the foot-long zucchinis 

So, that next year we can get more success on our garden. Both of us are studying about gardening a lot. Previously we used to study about a whole garden, which consists of many plants. We really were at bay, and couldn’t figure out what actually could be done. Then  we made a list about our preferred vegetable and flower plants. Then we studied about them, where could we plant them, what are probable environments for them. So, now already we have inured out which plants we should buy. Further more, my found out all the way about the propagation of the existing plants. I hope next year we can make our garden, “Neighbor's envy, owner’s pride”.
Beans are coming out

In the month of April I went to my hometown. After coming back from there, everyday I think to posting in my blog, but everyday I end up not doing that. Anyway, my son’s school is almost at the end. Only two days are left. He is getting promoted to second grade. Now there is no such pressure of studying, so, I’m facing difficulty with him to make him sit and study. Anyway, different interesting activities are going on at school. Few days back I went to watch the concert at school. It was really nice to watch the little ones are performing on stage. Then we had a school closing party at the park. Though the children enjoyed their fullest, we parents really lost all our energy. But the children didn’t  loose a bit of energy. I always wonder, from where they all energy. If I had gotten a chance, I would have borrowed energy from him. Really, I always feel I need more energy to speed up my works. Anyway, before I forget to mention , my son’s school also invited me to attend the “volunteer social” at school. It was really an honor.  I usually help my son’s teacher a lot. I love to do that. Through out the year  I helped his teacher. At the end of the school year, the school authority usually invites the volunteer to attend the social. That was a token appreciation. 
Anyway, here it was the very much about my the tidbit of my past 15 days. I hope, I will again post regularly to my blog. Till then bye.


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Those zucchinis look amazing! Great post!!

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Thank you.. :)

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