Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Egg-paneer roll

Egg-Paneer roll (egg-cottage cheese roll)
Off late I was feeling too debilitated to do anything, specially working on my blog. Suddenly I became irregular in posting to my blog. Even I was unable to gather much energy to photograph my dishes, whichever I cooked in those days. Like, two days back I cooked a simple but tasty pumpkin curry, but I didn’t take a snap. Anyway, the long we enjoyed the long weekend in LA with our friends.
Going back to LA is always exciting to us. We never feel bore to going there. Rather we try to go there at least once a year, after all that was the first place in the USA where we start our family. Anyway, this year this was the first time we visited there. One evening, I told my hubby dear that I needed a brake very badly. Promptly he suggested going to LA. So, we decided to visit there in the long weekend of September. My son was also extremely excited, because he could meet with his friends there, especially A. My husband wanted to go on Thursday, because he wanted to avoid the long weekend traffic. However, the problem was to get leave from my son’s school. Anyway, we didn’t face any problem to get one day leave from school. The first thing in LA hit us was the temperature. I couldn’t imagine that LA could be that much hot. When we reached at our friend’s home in the night, still it was extremely hot outside, and it seemed that the air condition was not working. However, the temperature couldn’t daunt us enjoying. After a long time I met with my friend, we chatted endlessly, while she cooked many delicious dishes amid the heat. Though we talk with each other almost every day, but meeting had a different kind of excitement. My son also got chance to meet with his friend A after long time. Unfortunately after coming back all of us were down with bad cold and cough. I had been just dragging myself through the daily cores. At last, yesterday I woke up from slumber and took a snap of the afternoon snacks.  Here is the recipe

Serving size 2
For the flat bread:
One egg
Half cup all purpose flour
One tbsp. oil
One tbsp. of water (if needed)
salt and sugar to taste
Two tbsp. oil for frying
For the feeling
Half cup very small cube of paneer (cottage cheese)
A very small tomato (finely chopped)
Half cup coriander leaves (finely chopped)
One tbsp. of oil
¼ tsp. nigella seeds
Salt to taste
One green chili (finely chopped, if you want more hot, then you can add more green chilies)
Few fine slices of onion
Knead together egg, flour, one tbsp. oil, salt sugar and water (if needed) to make a dough. Cover the dough and set aside.
 Meanwhile, in a wok, over medium-heat, heat oil. Add nigella seeds into it. When the seeds start crackle, add all the ingredients of feeling, except the onion. Fry for few minutes stirring continuously. Then cover the wok and keep it over slow flame until the paneer cubes are well cooked. Keep the wok aside.
Make two small balls from the dough. in a frying pan, heat oil, over medium-heat. Cover the frying with oil by moving the pan in circular motion. Flatten the balls using a rolling pin. Fry the both side of the breads. Be careful, not to over fry the breads, then they will be brittle, and you cannot roll them. So, try to remove from the pan, still they are very soft. Then put the feeling one the middle of the breads in a line. Put onion slices over the feeling and roll the bread. You cut the roll from the middle to decorate. Serve hot with salad and mustard sauce.

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