Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chicken rezala

Oh!! What a hectic Sunday. I wish I could get up a little bit earlier. I got up at 7:45. It was already late. I rushed into my kitchen and started cooking. Actually one of my friends and her family was coming to lunch with us. I had a big plan. However, I didn’t know whether those four hours would be enough for me to cooking as well as cleaning the house. My plan was to cook mutton biryani, chicken rezala and baked rosogolla. I didn’t want to finish the lunch with any store brought dessert. I wanted to cook something at home. Actually, when I read the recipe of baked rosogolla in one of my friend’s blog I wanted to bake that. 

However, for that I need some occasion, when there would be more people at home. Though my hubby asked me not to take much pressure, I decided to bake that. Anyway, the problem was with rezala. I never cooked that dish. I made a mistake; I didn’t read any recipe on previous night. In the morning, amid pile of works all my effort in to find an easy recipe from Internet went in vein. I knew that my mother-in-law cooks the razala in a very easy way. At last she rescued me. She gave her easy recipe of chicken rezala.  After cooking the daal, and preparing the mutton for biryani, I started preparing for baked-rosogolla. When I started doing that I realized that it was wise to listen to my husband. It took a long time to prepare. I was stirring and stirring the milk in the saucepan, but it didn’t show any sign to thickening.  It seemed that the clock was ticking faster. I sighed in relief when I could pour the rosogollas in the oven. Then I started cooking rezala. I would like to thank my mother-in-law to sharing the simplest recipe of rezala. At last I finished everything at 1 o’clock. My friend and her family arrived just after one.  By that time everything was done. We had a great lunch. Everybody enjoyed the biryani. I really felt extremely happy because that was the first time I cooked mutton biryani.  So, everything had gone well. 

Anyway, the cause of writing this long story is to share the simplest yet delicious recipe of chicken rezala which my mother-in-law shared with me.

Ingredients:One whole chicken

One cup plain yogurt

4 tbsp of ginger juice

2 tbsp of garlic juice

salt to taste

2-3 dry red chili

2 bay leaves

5-6 black pepper corn

One tbsp. of oil or ghee

Salt to taste


Marinate the chicken with yogurt and salt for few hours (I marinated overnight). The taste depends on how long you marinate the chicken. Then add the ginger and garlic juice in the marinated chicken and keep for half an hour. Heat oil in the heavy bottom wok, add the dry chili. Sauté the chili, and keep them aside. In the heated oil add bay leaves and pepper corns. Then add the marinated chicken. Cover the wok and let it cook in medium heat. Just stir time to time. If you need, add one cup water. Cook until the chicken becomes tender.  Rezala is ready. 


Amelia said...

Hi Krishna, your mutton biryani look delicious, I love this. You Chicken dish too look superb, finger licking good. I don't mind to have extra rice please. :))

Have a nice day.

krishna said...

thanks Amelia.. you are very sweet.. :)

bristol plasterers said...

Mouthwatering recipe. Thanks for sharing this.


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