Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dol purnima

In my life I played holi (in Bengali Dol) only once, when I was just a little girl. After that I never played holi. When I was a kid I really missed holi. Every time I got angry on my father for not allowing me to play holi. As I grow up I realize that what my father did was actually good for me. My skin is very sensitive, so I’ve always have chance to get eruption in my skin due to those chemical colors. Anyway, after that very day, I used to listen to the story to my friend in school. After marriage my husband told his great stories about dol. Sometimes I poke him to tell all those stories I relish them.

He used to go to uncle’s place to play dol with his cousins. He always tells about that how they played with other children, how they do the mischief with the seniors. Their main attraction was to see the behaviors of the ‘boudis’ (married young women) after having bhang. Bhang is an essential part of dol, which has some intoxicating agent which fuddles the person. However I’ve no experience of such innocent mischief. Sometimes my father used to bring mothh (A special kind of sugar candy, especially available during dol). Our childhood was not full of different colorful candies and cake. So, those frugal candies bought enormous joy among us. As I grow up, the urge of playing dol has died down. Currently living far away from home country doesn’t bring any flavor of dol. I don’t want to lament for that, but, somehow I’m depriving my son from the essence of the festivals of our home country. Anyway, I have to accept it. May be I can’t give him the joy of dol, what I can do is, cooking dol-special dishes. 




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Hindustanka said...

those patisapta look like Russian pancakes!

krishna said...

thanks anna, in fact method of making patisapta is quite same as panckae, only thing is that, there is no egg :)

Rajesh said...

Wonderful preparations.

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