Friday, April 14, 2017

Five on Friday


At last the spring break was over. We again came back to our normal routine. However, our spring break was not a lazy one. Mommy-and-kiddo were super busy. We had a school project to finish. Though the submitting date was in May, still we utilized our break time to finish. So, we didn’t need to rush later. As both father and son left the house I literally jumped into my works. For seven days I couldn’t clean my son’s room. In that seven days he cut out numerous papers to build “airport," “planes," “Fighter planes," and of course “Titanic”. The room was in great mess. I can’t clean the mess in his presence. So, it was a golden time for me to clean up. 
Home Depot kid's workshop collection :)


Morning it was quiet, but, in the afternoon my son and I became super busy. He had two activities back to back. When we came back home it was already seven. 
Iris in my front yard


The morning started at six. My son had Breakfast book club in school. I usually volunteer there. So , we had to reach school at 7:30. After volunteering there I came back home around 8:30. Again, I had my swimming class at 9:45. I tried to finish all the chores, including cooking before going to class. I almost finish everything before going. Again my son had his swimming class in the afternoon. He had not a pleasant day in school. He was very upset. I had a hard to cool him down. Lastly everything was fine. It was a real hectic day.


As usual I try keep Thursdays a low. I usually don’t do much work. The paper purging job was long pending. Today, I succeeded to do that. I’m planning to put some Mother’s day in my Etsy shop. For that, I spent the afternoon making some cards, before going to pick my son from school. 


What a day it was! When I started the day I didn’t imagine that the day was going to be that much long, overwhelming, and hectic. I created my to-do list in the morning. As usual it was long. My  Fridays are always goes very busy. 
On the top of the one of our company is going come from India, and  we are taking him to Yosemite on Saturday. So, I had some extra chores like washing the car which was due almost last four months. I also had volunteer duty in school. I started doing my chores very fast. While cleaning one bathroom, I decided to clean potpourri bowl which was ket there. I was cleaning that bowl and was thinking the consequences , if that bowl fell from my hand. As I was thinking that, I bowl slipped from hand, fell in the bathroom floor, all the splinters scattered all over the bathroom, in the hallway, even in the adjacent room. What a hot big mess! It took another fifteen minutes to clean all the broken glass pieces. I felt so exhausted , that I thought of stopping all other works. Still I managed to finish all sorts of cleaning, one load of laundry, and washing the car. The car looked all new again. Vacuuming the car was  another episode. I bought a new vacuum, and I didn’t know all the functionality. I couldn’t figure out how could I use it to clean the car.  Then I switched on my laptop, found out the tutorials, then I could use the vacuum. Anyway, I  finished everything, only I didn’t get time sit card making, which I have to do very quick as I’m planning to put some Mother’s day card in my Etsy shop.


Gosia said...

I love your iris qwe have them in May

handmade by amalia said...

It was interesting to read about your week. You've certainly earned your rest this weekend.

La Table De Nana said...

You are hard on yourself:) I say that respectfully..I am guilty of that too..was that too much to say? I mean it in an encouraging way:)

I would love to push a little relax button on you..we can only do what we can do..and no one is giving us reward points..:) You are a creative girl..and it would be lovely if you could set a bit more time aside for peace and quiet creativity.
I hate when I drop potpourri jars:) You know what I mean..those situations..

gee those Home Depot projects are adorable..cuter than here!

Mac n' Janet said...

Your Iris's are beautiful, I have trouble growing them here. Sorry about your broken bowl, it seems like when we're in a hurry we do things like that. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Yosemite.

Chris Lally said...

Whew! Another week gone, but look what you have accomplished!
Great idea to finish the school project early instead of waiting till the last minute. You are teaching your son a good habit!
Thanks again for sharing, Krishna. Reminds me of what life was like as a young mother. I smile and try to remember those crazy weeks, but they are just a blur now - a happy blur, but a blur.

Snap said...

Busy busy busy! Love the Iris. Love the home depot projects. Have a fun filled week!

Prims By The Water said...

I love irises. I use to have almost every color of the rainbow at my last home. You are so made me tired just reading about your week. Hope you have a great weekend! Janice

Margaret D said...

Another busy week for you.
I do like Iris's. Mine are peeking out of the ground in readiness to grow for the next season.

Beauty Unearthly said...

Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

Tricky Wolf said...

Your son sounds very creative! He may make a mess but at least it isn't the only thing he is making

Thanks for joining in this week with Five on Friday, hope you had a great Bank Holiday Weekend :)

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