Monday, December 26, 2016

Deviled Chicken and A Quiet Christmas Eve

This year we didn’t keep anything on Christmas Eve. Long before we decided to stay at home only. Though, once we decided to Tahoe, but we abandoned our plan. So, almost we did nothing. We went to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. Then we did some shopping. I bought a bagful of goodies from Bath and Bodyworks. Then after coming back I remembered that We need some gloves and hats for our forthcoming vacations. So, again we rushed back to Sports Basement. Anyway, rest of the day we decided to stay at home only. So, the Christmas Eve was almost uneventful. Actually, we did want to make it simple, just staying at home, and relaxing. I cooked a little different for the dinner, though I was not in the mood to cook anything. Though, Mr. Man suggested having dinner outside, I only denied that. We already ate out lunch. Anyway, I just cook one chicken dish, and with had chicken with fried rice.

Salmon at California Pizza Kitchen

Here I’m giving the recipe of the chicken. I got the recipe from a recipe book, though I changed many of the ingredients, still I’m keeping the same name of the dish.
Chicken breast two pieces
One small onion
One tsp. dry thyme
Half tsp. nutmeg
Half tsp. freshly ground black pepper
Salt to taste
One fourth cup of flour
Two tbsp butter
One tbsp oil
One fourth cup almond 
Half cup milk (I used 2% reduced fat)
One cup green grapes(I didn’t have green grapes, so, I used black grapes.)

Deviled Chicken

Clean the chicken , pat it dry. Cut the chicken into medium sized cube.  Soak the almonds in hot water. Slice the onion thinly. In a big bowl, take flour, thyme, nutmeg, and salt. Mix well. Put the chicken in the bowl. Mix well, to coat every pieces with flour mixture. Heat butter in a pan, in low medium, fry the chicken pieces. Take out the chicken in a bowl. In the same pan, add oil. Keep the heat in medium. Fry the onion, covering the pan until onion becomes mushy, stirring occasionally. Return the chicken pieces in the pan. Mix well with onion, let it cook, until chicken is tender. It will take about 15-20 minutes. If the curry starts sticking on bottom, add one-fourth cup of water. Do not add more water. Add the remaining flour mixture into the pan. Mix well. Peel the almonds. In a mixer, make a paste of almond with milk. Add the almond-milk mixture. Cook in low-medium heat. Season with salt. Do not raise the heat, otherwise, the milk will curdle. Cut the grapes into halves. Add the grapes in the chicken. Mix well. Switch of the stove. Serve hot with rice. We had it with fried rice.


JoJo said...

We had a quiet Christmas Eve too. We got Chinese take out for lunch/dinner.

Beauty Unearthly said...

It looks so delicious. :)

Gosia said...

your recipe is interesting Happy New Year

Kelly said...

That looks like a tasty dish! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I haven't been to California Pizza Kitchen in years. They do have good food.

Devilish Angel said...

Yummy... Happy New Year!

Nava K said...

The best sometimes is what is at home cooking regardless its nice to dine out from time to time. Over here, lately, we have cut down on eating out because nothing is cheap anymore. This deviled curry is the best treat for Christmas. Yum.

Nancy Chan said...

Delicious Christmas eve dinner. We too had a lovely and quiet Christmas eve dnner.

Saleslady371 said...

So happy for your quiet Christmas Eve dinner; we like to cook like too!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I must say that food looks delicious.
Happy New Year to you both.

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