Monday, September 26, 2016

Little one turned eight

The month September is very exciting to our sonny boy, because it is his birth month! Since the very first day of the month he had been counting the days. He was eagerly looking forward to it. Every morning he used to tell me how many days to go. His all waiting came to an end on last Friday. A last he turned eight. He was so happy. Ge was the last in his class to turn eight. 

The banner

Anyway, he wanted me to bake his birthday cake with a plane on it. This time we decided not to have any party, rather to celebrate only between ourselves. We already went to Legoland for his birthday earlier this month. I decided to do everything at home, even making the goodie bags for his friends. So, from Thursday, I had been extremely busy. Thursday morning I baked more that two dozens of cookies to distribute among his friends. 


However, in the afternoon after coming back from home he declared that, I couldn’t give away all the cookies. Since it was his birthday, I must give importance to his decision . Also, I was extremely tired of cooking, decorating, shopping, visiting library, so, I didn’t want to go on any argument. Again I baked some mini cupcakes, which was easier to me,rather than baking bunch of cookies again. Mr. Man went to buy some small gifts. In late evening, we three sat down, and prepared all the goodie bags, which were to be distributed on the very next day. 

The cake with plane 

After dropping him off at school, I thought I would come back home, but then I realized I had volunteer duty in school. So, after finishing all those tasks, I hurried back home, and started preparing for night time celebration. First was to bake the cake. I decided to bake chiffon cake. However, when I read the recipe it was little bit daunted to me.

Mini muffins
The goodie bags

 I was skeptical about the result. Then I thought of giving a try. To my amazement, it came out perfect. Then it was time to cook biryani. Mr. Man and sonny boy, both wanted mutton biryani for dinner. I prepare the mutton Thursday evening. After putting the cake in the oven I started cooking biryani. Though I made only three dishes for the celebration, but all of them were very elaborate. There was no short cut method known to me to  prepare them. Anyway, I successfully made all of them. As a gift he got Lego City Sea operation. He was super excited. He spent the whole Saturday to built that. 



DeniseinVA said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet child. So many fun things, a lovely celebration of his birth. All the treats you made look delicious!

Gosia said...

Happy birthday well job my dear friend

Beauty Unearthly said...

Excellent post (as always)! kisses

Nancy Chan said...

Happy Birthday to your sonny boy! You are a wonderful mom. You baked all the cookies, mini muffins and birthday cake and also cooked a delicious mutton biryani. I love biryani!

Sandi said...

A birthday to remember! Love the plane cake. :)

JoJo said...

Happy birthday to your son! Sounds like a great time with lots of yummy food!

Beena said...

Happy birthday to your boy. Delicious spread

chandana said...

ek kathai asadharon awojon...(y)....hats of you dear...:)...lots of love & Happy birthday to lil prince...<3..

Rajesh said...

Happy birthday to your kid.

Diane said...

Happy Birthday, a bit belated to your son. Sounds like you were more than busy! Have a good day Diane

Alejandra said...

Following you back dear!
Keep in touch:)

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