Monday, September 12, 2016

Eating Sushi

“Sushi eating experience?” yes. I didn’t it till date. No, no actually long ago I ate sushi at a restaurant, but unfortunately the experience was not good. After eating sushi at that time, I dared to try sushi again. Many of my friends told me that sushi is really delicious. Even my husband likes sushi a lot. Whenever, he asked me to have sushi, I always turned down his suggestion. However, in recent time I just wanted to try sushi again. But taking my son to have sushi wouldn’t be good experience. He was not going to love anything , rather he would disturb a lot, so that we couldn’t even get the actual taste of sushi.

At last we got one chance to go and enjoy sushi together. One weekend, my son had a birthday party invitation. As soon as I told my husband about the party, he promptly suggested having sushi at a Japanese restaurant, while he would be in the party enjoying with his friends. There were plenty of restaurant nearby. So, that Sunday afternoon, after dropping my son at the party we two went to a nearby Japanese restaurant. 

From outside it was looking  smaller ,but inside, the restaurant way was bigger than I thought. The ambience was nice. I was little skeptical that whether I would like sushi or not.

 Also I’ve crab allergy. So, I had to find out some sushi recipe without crab. All the pictures in the menu card was so enticing that I had tough time to choose. Then I found one sushi roll in the menu without crab meat, and I wanted to give that a try. Mr. Man chose four different sushis. Then they serve slightly boiled salted edamame beans. Those were really delicious. Mr. Man tasted those kind edamame beans before, and asked me to prepare the same. Even once he bought a big packet of edamame beans from Costco. However, I never cooked edamame beans in that way.

edamame beans

 Anyway, the main dishes came. The slightly fried sushi rolls which the restaurant named Hungry roll, were really increased my hunger. The train of sushi rolls sitting on a mixture of soy sauce and mayonnaise took the taste to a different level. After having all the rolls and other sushis, Mr. Man wanted to have more. Unfortunately we couldn’t any other sushi without crab meat, so we chose tampura. 

Sushi roll

In near future again I’ll go back and have sushi in the same restaurant. 



Hindustanka said...

I love sushi! Since I had eaten them in Moscow... I didn't :( not easily available in India.But I look forward to noticing them somewhere and eating ALL!hehe

Thanks for inspiring tasty clicks :)

Beauty Unearthly said...

So precise and detailed thanks!It looks so delicious. :)

Gosia said...


Irreplaceable_fashion said...

I really like sushi:) great photos:)

BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

I like it a lot!


JoJo said...

The only sushi I can and will eat is California roll. I don't like fish anyway and I'm allergic to shellfish like crab and shrimp. They use a fake crabmeat in CA roll. I love edamame though. YUM!

Sandicious said...

sushi is good!

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