Monday, February 15, 2016

Repurposing rice bags

I kept some of the rice bags without thinking anything. Just I thought that, I could up cycle in the future. One day, while cleaning my garage, I just about to throw them in the trash. Suddenly, it came in my mind whether I could make cross stitch on them. Actually, just before I went to craft store to buy some fabric for cross stitch. However, the price of the fabric pulled me back. I desperately wanted to do some cross stitches. I took one bag, and very meticulously I ripped the seam , and make long fabric. When I tried to stitch on it with the yarns from my stock, to my utter disappointment, I found that it was impossible to stitch. I put away everything in box, and didn't open for a long time. One day, while cleaning my craft supplies, I took out the bag again, and tried to stitch with different tread, and I found out it could be possible to stitch on the bags. I almost jumped in joy. Then I up cycle all the four bags which I kept in my garage. Now all of them are added to my home decor. Here are all of them. I'm also showing how I cut the seam and changed them in totally different thing. No one could recognize what material I used to make the wall hanging, the table runners until I told. :)

You need the bag, a big scissors, and small pointed scissors.

Cut the seam

You need the small scissors to cut the chain. You can keep the chain also. I usually keep the chain which I an use in making bags.

Table runner

The unfinished wall hanging


Unknown said...

Such great tutorial :) xoxo - Fashion Phases

Unknown said...

Such a great tutorial :) xoxo - Fashion Phases

Beena said...

Wow great. Hats of u dear

Hindustanka said...

Hi Krishna! It is so creative! Yes, why to waste? We don't have such rice bags here, at least I have never seen. Very beautiful table runners and future wall hanging!! Smart ideas :)

Beauty Unearthly said...

Great items Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

Diane said...

Wow what a wonderful idea and love the designs.

Hugs Diane

Sharon D. said...

Oh my, this is beautiful work, Krishna. A brilliant idea to recycle the rice bags!

Cynthia said...

Those are beautiful, and I love that you were able to recycle rice bags. Thanks for visiting my blog today, Krishna. Do you live in California?

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