Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Last week of Holidays, 2015

Last week of  Holidays were just flew by. Surprisingly, this was the first time I didn’t start missing the sweet lazy yearend Holidays. The very next morning, after come back from Los Angeles, for a moment I felt a little sadness as the holidays were soon to be over. 

Time always slips from hands, no matter how you are, how you are feeling, whether you are happy or sad. Time never has the “time” to think of that. It is always flowing like a river. It never feels to stop and look back for a wink. It never left you fully satisfied, rather always makes you think about the future time. It gives you hope. It heals your wound. It teaches you to think in new ways.Time did the same thing to me also. By the end of the Holidays, I was really done with it. I started eagerly waiting for the old everyday routine. When on the last day , my husband told me that, how sad he was as the holidays were going to be over. I told that my feelings was the just opposite.
Anyway, the very next day after our LA trip, almost all the day  we ran errands. Then we went hiking on 30th. Though, it was cold,foggy, and drizzly, but nothing could do hold us back. We were over enthusiast to go hiking. After hiking, all of were so hungry that we couldn’t think of going home, and having lunch. Actually, everyone was hungry for biryani. The smart phone helped us to find an Indian restaurant, where we could satisfy our tongue and stomach as well. It was all we did on 30th. 

Clouds cover the top of the mountain

Since 31st morning, I had been thinking going somewhere. However, I could not come up with any idea. Lastly, we stayed back home all the day. Although we didn’t do any different activity, but we had soulful meals through out the day. 

Bern and Nobles book store

January 1st, the first day of the new year, again we couldn’t find to do anything. Mr. Senior Man and Mr. Junior Man was sitting idle since morning, without doing anything. The extra thing Mr. Junior did was throwing tantrums from time to time, on any trivial issue. In the evening everyone wanted to go somewhere. However, that, “Somewhere” gave us a hard time. After lot of discussion, arguments, and tantrums we decided to for the first time to the nearest outlet mall. A couple of years back we went there. As soon as we reached the signal, we realized parking the car was going to be an adventure. At that time we didn’t want to plunge into such a thrilling activity. We knew that, this time also was going to happen the same. Though we knew that, this time Mr. Senior determined to go there. When We took exit from the freeway, Mr. Man suddenly slowed down the car. With the sudden jolt I looked up, and saw the gridlock in front of us. If I was on the driver-seat, I would turn around and went back home. The steering wheel was on Mr. Man’s hand, and he is an obstinate person. I knew my all insistence would go in vain. However, it was a challenge to me to keep myself compose. After beating the traffic snarl we entered the parking lot. Each and every lane was full of cars. Some cars had been waiting on the way, just to test their luck. We had been rolling through the lanes, until we spotted a couple coming out of the mall and going to their car very near to us. When we entered the very lane, we saw another car had been waiting there. However, it was our kismet, the car was waiting in such a position, that the driver couldn’t drive into the soon to be vacant space. So, with a wry smile, he drove out, and we filled the empty space. 

I've a special interest on cookbook

After the parking adventure we entered the mall. I heard that it was the mall where all the upscale designer store could be found. Almost all the time I kept my hand folded to myself. I was determined not to buy anything for myself, but to buy some actually needed accessories for senior and junior. After walking up and down few times we bought our things and came out of the mall. It was the end of our new year celebrations.
Second January was the first Saturday of the month. We usually take junior to Home Depot store, where kids’ workshop is conducted on the first Saturday of every month. After finishing the workshop, we went to have brunch at Mimi’s Cafe. Past one year we had been thinking to have breakfast there. Even, on previous night when, Mr. Man suggest going there, I flatly denied. Saturday morning, while cooking for rest of the weekend, I changed my mind, agreed with Mr. Man. So, after we finished the kid’s workshop we directly went to Mimi’s cafe. We usually go to the same place almost every weekend to run errands, but never ate out in the very cafe. Long back, one of my friend suggested having breakfast there. She told me to try the especially the breakfast. 

Mimi's cafe

After a little waiting, we got the table. Inside of the restaurants was very cozy and warm. We sank in the sofa after ordering our food. A little later the food came on our table. Mr. Man, cannot order anything but steaks , whenever he can find that in the menu. I just can’t eat steak. I went for egg. The food was delicious and very comforting. 

Junior's first love-pancake
I chose delicious crepe 

In the evening Mr. Man wanted to buy walking shoes. After I decked up in holiday attires, he decided not to go. I was totally in the mood of going out. We were undecided for long time, though we desperately wanted go some where.  Our minds became so out bound that we couldn’t even think of staying back home. Anyway, after wandering some times in the nearby mall we went to Bern and Nobles, one of my favorite store. I love to sit in the store and read books. This time I tried to read a travel book about France, but every second, Junior had been calling, “Mama, see this picture”. First time I saw, second time I saw, but it became a continuous process. Doing other thing  sitting beside him is next to impossible. I discerned that, and decided to go back home. 


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Mimi cafe looks nice and comfy. Yummy pancakes and crepe for breakfast, I like!

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This looks great holiday.

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