Monday, July 6, 2015

The summer break 2015

Summer vacation has already started. The little one is in officially grade 2. Oh, he is growing to fast. He is very excited to go to next grade. But my parched mind yearns to hold my little baby in my hands forever.  The school ended with a School ending party at a nearby park. All the kiddies enjoyed a lot there. They just got wild when we reached the park. From running to digging holes in the sand, they enjoyed every kind of silly activities. We all parents and teachers became tire at the end, but they were all full of energy. After coming back, kids didn’t want to inside the classroom, because they missed the recess time. So, they wanted to play in the school park again. Oh! all the crazy little cute kiddies!!

Digging hole in the sand

 Anyway, next two months is going to be a big challenge to me. I’ve to keep him engaged and entertained. I know, that is going to be very tough to me. Though I thought to make plan for summer vacation way ahead, but I didn’t do that. My sluggishness pulled me back to do that. Now the summer has already started, and I’ve to make an impromptu plan for him. I thought of buying some things for his crafts , but I forgot buy those stuff. Now, I’ve to improvise with whatever things I already possess or I must go to go store with him. As he is growing up, it is becoming difficult to shop with him. With all his unfulfilled demands, every time he becomes grumpy after I finish my shopping.

This is done by sonny boy..without any help

Though I thought of many crafts, but I’m not so much convinced that he is going to love them. First of all, he only loves planes, trains, ships, machines. And I cannot find any craft related to all those things. Whatever I like, he doesn’t like to do. After all boys will be boys. I’ve find out something which he will like to do. Once I told him whether he will like make a dinosaur book (As I’ve kept some dinosaur pictures in my collection. Actually, I always keep any thing from movie ticket to magazine cuttings for projects.) I know the real challenge will be writing part. Actually, my plan is that, we will stick the pictures on pages and he will write about those dinosaurs. He has a really good knowledge about dinosaurs, but the problem is , he doesn’t want to write at all. If I ask him to write half of the page, he will write so big, that he will fill half of the page with only 2-3 sentences. If I ask him to write 5-6 sentences, he will take more than 2 hours to finish that. Isn’t that crazy? 
Next challenge is to arranging play date with his friends. I know he will enjoy playing with his friends, but that is tiring to me. Actually, I’m always to do something, I don’t enjoy much chit-chatting with others. Don’t think I don’t chat with others. I do. However, after chatting for few hours, I always feel that I wasted the time. Am I crazy? I think I should relax, and enjoy chatting with others, forgetting my household chores. 
But the summer is not going to be very much relaxing to me. As, my sonny boy has already joined swimming class. So, I’ll take him there. But I’m excited. I’m looking forward for his swimming class. Hope he is going to be a better swimmer at the end of the summer.
This summer, still we in dilemma , whether we will go for any vacation or will just stay at home. Hopefully we will go to somewhere. 


Amelia said...

Hi Krishna, very nice summer posting. Enjoy reading the summer fun at your side.
Your son is very creative. 2 thumbs up to him.

Have a wonderful week ahead,regards.


Rajesh said...

It is not easy to keep the young ones engaged all the time as their interest changes very fast.

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