Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kindergarten days are over

It was early in the morning, I was just lying on my bed, and not feeling to get up. Some abrupt thought started pouring in my mind. First of all came in my mind that, how I would teach all the problems of probabilities , vectors, dynamics and many more during his high school days. Then I just smiled to myself, thinking that another 10 years are there to reach high school. 


However, time files. Still I feel that,I came home from hospital taking him in my arm just yesterday. But he is almost six years old now. Six years is extremely short time, when I think about my own school days. It was just yesterday I was going to school with two braids tied with white ribbons. This “just yesterday” was actually finished, 20 long years ago. So, this 10 years are also going to be finished in a wink. Then I was thinking about his Kindergarten days. The Kindergarten year had been already completed.  He is going to start his grade one year in the last week of August. One year just passed away. How it finished still I couldn’t figure out . Is one year too short to realize? 12 long months he was in kindergarten, but was it actually 12 months, or just 12 days or one day?  Suddenly I felt very sad, when I should be happy.  I should not be cynical. I should look forward, not backward. My baby is growing up day by day.  He is going to learn more things, he is going to be more mature, more smart, not naive like a Kindergarten  child, where the teacher takes a crying child on her lap to pacify him/her. But I’m sad. I’m going to miss many thing. I’m going to his baby face, his baby teeth, his silly questions, and many more. A sudden sadness loomed over me. I just couldn’t sleep. I woke up. I felt to wake him up and give him a tight hug. I wanted to tell him, please don’t grow up, just  be a little boy to me. I love your baby days. I love you. 


Rajesh said...

Very true, days and time just pass through and this is one item that we can not rewind.

krishna said...

yes.. that's why i feel sad.

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