Friday, July 18, 2014

The car was falling!!!!!

Looking through the window in a quiet leisurely afternoon, just after finishing all household chores, many happenings of past comes into mind. It is just nice relaxation to think about those small happenings in the afternoon, when there was no external sound , nothing there to bother you. It was just like same afternoon, when I had been staring at he maple tree just outside my window, and an incident, rather a small accident came in my mind. It was long back, four years back. The day started as normal day until 11:00 in the morning. We went to Palo Alto medical foundation for my child’s flu shot. 

From there we started out for Costo, to do our routine shopping. IT had been raining from last night and the road was slippery. My husband about to take exit at Rengostroff. The exit ramp sharply curved and inclined on the right side. Suddenly our slid to right. I shouted to him with great fear. As I shouted he rolled steering wheel with mighty force, and car slid off the road to left. We fell into the bush off road side. Our mind went blank. He asked me whether I could manage to get out of the car. Why he asked me to do that, still he didn’t know. Did he think I could take out all of us ( he and the child), and then three of us would pull the car out of the bush? The bush on the road side was the Angel to us, that bush only prevented the car from rolling down. Anyway he called the police. The police and the firefighter arrived within 5 minutes. The fire officials dragged us out of the car. The tow-truck pulled our out of the bush. We escaped unhurt, and same also our car. 


Rajesh said...

Great escape.

krishna said...

yeh.. it was great escape... still i get goose bump when think about the incident..

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