Thursday, June 27, 2013

A soulful chicken

Yesterday was an extremely hectic day to me. Since morning I had been running errand. As usual my day started at 5:30 in the morning. Yesterday was the second day of son’s summer school. Going to summer school and coming back was an event, because it was a lot of walking. Now till the July end both mother and son had to walk a lot.

Anyway, since I’m taking him to school I’m not getting enough time in the morning. So, yesterday I decided to cook some 5-6 dishes. So, that I don’t need to bother at least up to Friday. However, it was not an easy task to do. As soon as I got up from the bed I went to kitchen and started cooking. When I left home with my son I already finished four vegetable curries. After dropping him in school I hurried back home. The fish and the chicken were yet to be cooked. Anyway, I wanted to cook a different chicken with less effort. I had no time in my hand to browse on the Internet amid pile of other works. I just cooked from my own choice. Before cooking some scattered thoughts were coming in mind. My mother used to cook chicken with a little bit of ghee. Once she told to put the tamper in ghee that would create a fine aroma. So, this time I wanted to indulge ourselves with ghee, forgetting about health. I think this was the first time I used two tbsp. of ghee (can you believe it?). I wanted to cook chicken with vegetables, because I had no much chicken in my stock. I needed too a bowlful, so that the three of us could satisfy ourselves. You don’t believe it turned out really enticing. 

Two carrots

Two medium sized potato

10-12 French beans ( I didn’t have beans in my refrigerator)

One medium sized tomato

One medium sized onion

One cup of frozen of fresh green peas

One tbsp. ginger paste

One tbsp. garlic paste

Two tbsp. of ghee

Salt to taste

Oil to fry the vegetable separately

For tampering:

3 green cardamom

3 cloves

2-3 one-inch cinnamon stick

1 bay leaves

One pound of chicken


Wash the chicken pieces and set aside. Cut the vegetables in cubes (except onion). Thinly slice the onion and keep aside. Shallow fry all the vegetables separately, except onion ,peas, and tomato. In the same pan, heat two tbsp. of ghee, and add cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon sticks. When fine aroma starts coming out, add the garlic paste and stir for few second. You can’t believe that aroma was so enticing, that I really started feeling hungry. Anyway, add onion and tomato and fry for few minutes in medium heat. When oil starts oozing out add the ginger paste and stir a little to ward off the raw smell of ginger. Add the chicken and cook for some times (about 15 mins). When water starts coming out, add all the vegetables, and salt. Keep cooking in medium heat, covering the pan. Add one cup of water. Cook until your desired consistency. Serve hot with roti.


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