Friday, January 25, 2013

Halloween 2012

Since last September  my son was extremely excited about Halloween, and so was  I. Everyday day he used to ask me about  Halloween . It was  difficult  for him to wait for one long month. Till last to last year he couldn’t understand what exactly is it? So, we also didn’t take any interest to celebrate Halloween. However, this time he was extremely enthusiastic . Actually this time he came to know about all the fun of Halloween from his teacher. I understood that, we were going to have a fun filled day. We bought him a Spiderman costume. Actually, he wanted to buy a fireman dress, but unfortunately we didn’t find his size. Anyway, he chose the Spiderman costume instead.
That very day, my sonny got up early in the morning out of excitement with a happy face ,unlike his everyday grumpy face . I didn’t have to  wake him up. He had his breakfast without any tantrum, and decked up for the Halloween celebration in school. In the morning we all three went to watch the Halloween parade at the school.  Generally his father goes to school, to drop him.  All the students made a big circle in the ground , class wise. We, parents stood at the back with camera ready in our hand. Every class took a round with their teacher around the ground. Ever student came into their best costumes.  My son led the parade holding his teacher’s hand of pre-K. That spectacular colorful parade was so much fun that that one hour passed by, and we didn’t realize.

After the parade I had nothing to do in school, but going back home was out of question, as  I had a duty for the pre-K party just after an hour. So, I decided to wait at the nearby Starbucks. Sitting in Starbucks without any coffee in hand was not possible for a Starbucks fan like me. After getting in the store suddenly I felt the urge to try something else apart from latte. I tried White-chocolate mocha for the first time. It was too sweet for  a latté-person like me. I forgot to take any book with me, and sitting idle with just a cup of coffee is always boring. So, I called one of my friends and chatted with her. Anyway, after spending some time there I headed towards the school.
Almost all the mothers had started arriving with full enthusiasm. Suzan came dressed as cat woman. All of us had some duties to do there. It was the first time for me. So, I didn’t know actually what was going to happen. Other mothers, whose children already in the toddler class knew about the party. Anyway, my duty was to make monster claws for the children. It was great fun, making claws with transparent gloves, finger chips and pop-corns. I helped the children to make those claws. My son became jealous as he saw me  helping other children. I had to calm down him. Anyway, there were numerous types of activities for the children and they enjoyed them  thoroughly. In the mean time one of his classmate’s birthday was also celebrated. After the celebration of birthday, the party began. We the mothers sat at different table with different activities and the children came to us to do all those. After the  activities we had a hearty lunch with plenty of cake, pizza, pasta and fruits. Thus ending the party on a sweet note.

I created a mini album for the 2012 Halloween. I yet to put any picture on that. Still I'm sharing the empty album with you.
N.B. I like to thank my friend who helped me to write it.


Ruby said...

Good one!

snowwhite said...

In Japan, around Halloween, many shops are decorated with Halloween ornaments such as witches, bats, bloody candles, pumpkins and so on. But few costume plays. It will be fun!

Rajesh said...

Wonderfully creative stuff.

Akila said...

Hope he had great fun..

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Nae said...

Cute Halloween Mini

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

So doubt u had great time
Tasty Appetite

Martica Designs said...

This is really cute, great job.

Amelia said...

Hi Krishna, very nice and creative ideas. Keep up the good job.

Have a great week ahead.

Jenn Erickson said...

Sounds like Halloween was marvelous! It's one of my family's favorite holidays, so I always enjoy hearing about the creative ways that others celebrate. Your album turned out beautifully -- so many great details and an artful layout!

Jenn/Rook No. 17

Eileen Ng-Frumkin said...

Such a great layout! Thanks for stopping in to leave me a sweet comment!

Beena said...

Hi krishna . Nice blog .Am following u .Glad if u will follow me back

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