Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Chicken-fennel bulb stir fry

Once I read one recipe of chicken with fennel bulbs. At that time I didn’t buy fennel bulb, as I was little skeptical about it. However, I desperately wanted to cook chicken with fennel. Even two three times I controlled myself from buying fennel bulbs to my trips to Trader Joe’s. Lastly, in my last trip to there, I just shut my eyes, and picked up the fennel bulb box. After coming home I searched over internet for a recipe with fennel bulbs. I got many recipes, but somehow, I found that, whatever recipe I had been choosing, one or two ingredients were missing in my pantry. Lastly I just took some ideas, from those recipes, and cook something from my mind. The dished turned out good. We ate that with store bought pita bread, but you can also eat with brown or white rice.
Here is my recipe:

One pound skinless, boneless chicken thighs (you can use chicken breasts also)
One fennel bulbs (The fennel bulbs I bough were huge, so I used one. If you use medium sized fennel bulbs, then you can use two)
One medium sized onion
Few sweet jalapeño (optional, actually I had few sitting in my refrigerator, so, I used them)
Two tsp. wine vinegar
Salt to taste
One tbsp. of oil ( I used olive oil)

Wash and dry the chicken thighs. Cut into small piece. Thinly slice fennel bulb and onion. Cut sweet jalapeño into two halves. 
Heat oil in a frying pan in medium.
Add onion slices, and slightly sauté. 
Add fennel slices, stir well, and fry for one two minutes.
Add the chicken pieces,mix well, cover the pan, let it cook.
After five minutes, add salt, jalapeño ,and let it cook. 
If needed, you can add little (1/4 cup) of water. I didn’t need to add water. It will be cooked on the juice of onion, fennel, and chicken.
After five to eight minutes add the wine vinegar, mix well , cover it, cook until chicken pieces are tender. 
Serve hot with steamed rice. 


  1. That sounds so good. I have to say that is one thing I haven't used in cooking- fennel. I think I need to get a little adventurous and try this. xo Diana

  2. It looks and sounds delicious!! Thanks for the recipe!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

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  3. It looks good, thank you for sharing.

  4. I love chapatti! Nice to eat with chapatti!

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  6. Great recipe :)

  7. Sounds delicious. I love the smell and taste of fennel.

  8. I've never tried fennel bulb before. I wonder if it's as strong as the seeds?

  9. Parece excelente!... Para mim, é uma receita surpreendente!... Pois nunca usei erva-doce em culinária. Sempre associei a erva-doce a receitas de bolos e sobremesas... mas vejo agora, que pode ser usada em pratos que ainda não conhecia...
    Passando por aqui, para agradecer a sua amável visita em e adorei conhecer este espaço... que adorei!
    E sempre que puder, virei aqui espreitar as novidades...
    Deixando um beijinho, e votos de um excelente fim de semana... e agora que também nos descobriu... venha visitar-nos mais vezes...
    Tudo de bom!

  10. Oh very amazing and delicious recipe

  11. Looks very delicious !!

  12. Hello, it looks delicious. I have never tried the fennel before. Thanks for sharing the recipe.
    Have a happy day and weekend!

  13. What a fabulous recipe. Something new to try.

  14. This looks so yummy! Thank's for the recept.

  15. How delish looking. Thank you for sharing the recipe with us dear friend.
    Thanks for your sweet comment too.

  16. I just got caught up with your blog, reading all your posts and admiring your photos from your visit to Carmel. One of my blogging friends got married in Carmel (he met his wife while blogging) and they have fond memories of Carmel, of course.

    Your recipes sound delicious, especially the carrot-chicken meatballs.

  17. Thank you for this delicious recipe! Big Hugs!

  18. Que buena pinta!
    Feliz San Valentin preciosa!💓💓💓

  19. Mm, looks yummy, thank you for the recipe!


  20. Krishna, this sounds delicious. I will have to try it and thank you for your visit..Happy Valentine's Day..Judy

  21. It really looks delicious!!