Monday, September 10, 2018

Visit to San Francisco Botanical Garden

Last Sunday Mr. Man had some works in San Francisco, and we decided to go there as family. On a Sunday it is next to impossible to get a parking in the city. After driving through the lanes and by lanes of the city, finally we got a parking on the side of the Golden Gate park. Though it was far from his work, but we decided to keep the car there. Anyway, that was beautiful sunny day, appropriate for taking a stroll around the park. However, instead go getting in the park, we decided to visit the Botanical Garden just across the street. My son also took a great interest to visit there. He got a paper from the office to find out some plants inside the garden with the help of the map. He took a huge interest in doing that , and he found almost all the plants listed in the map.

Beautiful Cypress tree is standing tall. It really worth it visit such a beautiful manmade garden, which looks more natural.

I could not remember any of the name, as only the scientific names were written.
This is actually bud of a flower. Though the flowers look quite exotic, but I didn't take picture, as not a single flower was fresh. All the flowers were in their dying stage, and not looking good. 
Excited kiddie is running to find the plants, while dad is watching.

Dad is keeping watchful eye on kiddie

A beautiful manmade pond full of big fish. 

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Apple Picking at Apple Hill

More than sixty years ago a group of enthusiasts united to create Apple Hill Growers. Still it attracts people all over the world to see the orchards. We made trip their in search of apple picking, which most of the kids enjoy, but I found most of them don’t allow visitors inside.


Two years back we went there, but found that all the apple were already harvested. So, last year before going there I randomly called one of the growers, who didn’t allow apple picking, but he told that the harvest was already done. So, this year we wanted to earlier to get chance of the apple picking event. 

This year I also called in the offices of few of the growers, all of them said no, except one. So, last week we started early morning to reach  there. However, when we reached there, we were told that no visitors were allowed inside the orchard. There must had some miscommunication. Luckily, one of the employee told us about Denver Dev’s your pick. She told that she only knows hat farm allow visitors to pick apples of their choices.

We had a little difficulty to find Denver Dave’s orchard. However, we managed to reach there. All the small trees were full of apples. Few of the trees just couldn’t keep the weight of the apples grew in them. We picked a bucketful of apples. On country to my thoughts, the place was very hot. From there we went to  have lunch to the restaurant of another orchard. oh! the freshly baed apple pie was heavenly. After trying for three years this year we could fulfill our wish. *smile*

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

I'll start blogging soon

Hi my lovely friends,
For a long time I had been out of blogosphere. I'm trying my best to come back soon. Few things I've to figure out how to continue my blog. I'm grateful to all of you my friends. Your inspirations drive me continue the blog. You'll find new posts very soon.
Till then bye

Monday, June 18, 2018

Taking a break

Hi all my lovely friends,

I didn't post anything since few weeks. I know all of you love me a lot, and your beautiful comments always encourage me to write more. However, currently I'm little overwhelmed , and cannot think of anything. So, I've decided to take a break, and think about my blog, how to revamp it. I also want your suggestions to make it more attractive. I'll some back again in August with more interesting posts. Till then do not forget me.


Sunday, June 3, 2018

Five on Friday

I know Friday had already over long ago, and a brand new week is going to start, but I yet to share my five days of the week. Actually, first I taught of posting Friday night, then again thought of posting Saturday evening. However, all my plans didn't get the success. Saturday was real busy, we had a dinner party at home, and I didn't get time to sit and write. Anyway, now I'm sitting down and sharing with you how my five days were.

My house was in hot big mess. Last week I didn't properly clean the house.Though it was a holiday, but I spent entire morning cleaning my house. Actually I already finished the books I rented form library. So, I had nothing in my hand to read. I decided to use the time by cleaning the house. *smile*

Tuesday:The house was already cleaned. I went for a walk in the morning. Last week I couldn't walk as it was cold. But, suddenly today it was so hot, I couldn't walk that far which I usually walk. In the halfway I came back home. I had not in mood to cook. I sat down and thought for a while. I had few pending crafts to be finished. Among them was making few cushion cover from old jeans, and clothes, and I finished all of them. Before going to pick my son from school, I really felt accomplished, as I my plan worked out totally.

Wednesday:Today kiddo has "GoldRush Day" in his class. The whole fourth grader participated in the activity. Past few weeks this activity was going on, and today was the final day. They had been enacting the history of California Gold Rush. I had volunteer duty for one hour. Then my best friend and I planned to go to mall. I just decided to keep hold all my jobs and to go with her, and enjoy few hours in the mall. It was a great time.

Thursday:Today I was in cleaning spree. First I deep clean my kitchen. My kitchen cabinets are white, and I've open kitchen. I need to deep clean it at least once in a month. Last month I didn't do that. Anyway, after cleaning kitchen I deep clean Mr. Man's car. His car is a black one, which always needs a good wash, otherwise it doesn't look good. On the top of that it is really low. So, vacuuming inside is really difficult. Anyway, after finishing that I didn't stop. Then I decided to deep clean the garage which was pending for a long time. And before 2:30 in the afternoon I finished all these three big jobs.

Friday: The computer table we bought for kiddo, was delivered yesterday evening. Today was the day to assemble the parts. Every week I usually say, "my Friday was busy", but the busyness was on some level this Friday. Today was a the last day of school. Yes, my fourth grader is going to fifth grade.My little boy is no more a little boy. He is growing!  Anyway, the school was going to be dismissed at 12 in the afternoon. So, I had very little time in my hand in the morning. MR. Man and I wanted to finish the computer desk before going to school. But, that had been taking forever. On the top of that kiddo and his friends had year end party in a park. We moms also planned to do the little pot luck. In the midway of assembling the desk I went to the party. That was also a disaster as picnic area of the park was getting renovated. We couldn't stay there long. From there I we came back home, and I dropped kiddo at home and went grocery shopping. In the meaning time Mr. Man finished the desk. After coming home I grabbed the cup of tea, which Mr. Man made, and jumped into arranging the desk. I quickly finish it ,and sweep the entire house sipping the tea. I was almost running against time. Still I didn't have time to mop the house. Again we rushed to kiddo's soccer practice. We dropped him there, and we had another store to cover for Saturday's dinner party. After his soccer practice we went to Trade Joe's to grab few more things. After coming home I prepared for Saturday's party, so that I could finish cooking quickly on next day. Then I fix the dinner. After shower when I went to bed I was half asleep. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Visit to Adventure Park

Few months back my son and his friends went to their wrap up party of their “Odyssey of the mind” competition group. Those who follow me know that my son took party in that competition this year. Though they couldn’t make it, but at least they could secure the fourth position. Anyway, after the competition in March, their coach wanted a wrap up party for the kids , and we all parents agreed with her. 

She decided to have the party at Adventure Playground at the Berkeley Marina. I didn’t know about the park before. She told that kids could play with all the broken stuffs, they could something from throw broken pieces of wood, nails, and many more useless articles, which we usually prohibit them to use. 

When we reached the park we saw there a broken boat, few broke drums, many more broken trash. Those “trash” were smartly arranged , so that the kids could enjoy. The park reminded me my childhood. At that time our parents didn’t protect us that much. So, we played with all broken tins, sticks, clay, and many more items. Many of them were not good choice to play with. Actually, we did many of those mischiefs without the knowledge of our parents. So, the park rekindled our childhood memories, and we chatted about our mischiefs at a length. 

I remember vividly that on incident occurred when I was in grade two. I had been doing some dangerous tricks on swing, and landed on my back on the ground. The ground was not protected with any soft material, and I got a huge bruise on my mack. On the top of that I had math test on next day. It really made difficult me to sit properly on next day, and I did poor in the test. Now it is funny to me, but at that time it was not funny at all.Anyway, wonderful unique outdoor facility of unusual  staffs encourage children to play and build creative things. Those really boost up the creativity in the children minds. As it was a little dangerous the parents supervision was always needed. They drove the broken boat, they built “house” with broken wood, nail, and hammer. Those throw away articles give immense pleasure to the kids. 

Monday, May 28, 2018

Chicken Thigh in Soy Sauce and life update

Recently I’ve become very irregular in my blog. I’ve no particular reason for that. Actually, there is one reason. I’ve been thinking for revamping my blog for a long time, but I yet to sit and start that. Anyway, I missed post my “Five on Friday”. Friday I was not feeling well, and on the weekend I was too much preoccupied with two books. I wanted to finish both of the books, and I succeeded in that. Otherwise my week was overall good. In past 10 years, for the first time I went to movie with my girlfriends. 

Do you have any suggestion for revamping my blog? Your valuable input will help me immense. Before finishing here is another quick recipe for chicken.

Two-three  skinless, boneless chicken thigh
Three tbsp soy sauce
Two tsp garlic power
One tsp ginger paste or powder
Salt to taste
One tbsp oil
Two tsp brown sugar
Slitted green chili (or jalapeƱo) 
Oil spray 
Marinate the thigh pieces with soy sauce, garlic powder, ginger powder or paste, and salt, at least for two hours. 
Preheat the oven at 350 degree F.  In a baking tray line with parchment paper. Spray oil the paper, and keep it ready. In the pan heat oil in high heat. Fry both sides of each pieces, and transfer them to the baking sheet. Cover the baking sheet with an aluminum foil and bake for half an hour until chicken is tender. 
After the chicken pieces are done, in the same frying pan add the remaining marinate, half cup water, and sugar, chili. Bring into boil. Boil until the sauce starts to thicken. Switch of the stove. 
Arrange the pieces in serving dish. Pour the sauce over the chicken pieces.