Monday, April 24, 2017

Earth Day celebration at Local Farmer's Market

I love to go to local Farmer’s market almost every Saturday. Last Saturday was a little special. We all knew that April 22 was Earth Day. Our local farmer’s market organized few little yet very interesting event for the children as well as the adults. 

Friday Mr. Man received an email from the market, that they were going to organize a scavenger hunt for the children, and they would distribute some plants to the buyers. Both of the events were attractive. First, when I told my son about scavenger hunt, he couldn’t understand that, and was not willing to go. When I told him that, it would be a treasure hunt, then he understood, and agreed to go. 

Saturday morning was bright and sunny, perfect for outdoor activities. My son and I went to the market around 9 in the morning. At the entrance they were distributing some annual plants. I needed marigold plants desperately. I was really lucky person. They distributed  marigold along with other annuals. I grab one beautiful bright light yellow marigold plant. 

Then my son requested the page of the questioners for the scavenger hunt. The questions were very interesting. He went from one shop to another to find out the answers. First he went to the fruit store  to find out the exact colors of the apples. Then went to a vegetable to store find the tomatoes. Then he drew the exact shape of tomato. Then he went to another shop to ask the farmer’s name. For the next question he had to ask one shopper, what he/she was buying, and what he/she would cook that vegetable.  First he didn’t want to ask the question to any of the buyers. He asked me. I told him that, “I might be a buyer,  but I’m your mom. You ask to a different buyer”. 

Then he asked one lady who was buying a cabbage. She told that, she was going to shred , and fry the cabbage. Last question was a riddle , and the answer was “honey”. For this scavenger hunt he won two prizes, one of them was a sweet apple. It was a real fun-filled morning. Mom-son duo enjoyed a lot. I bought oh-so sweet strawberries, and black berries, and also some fresh vegetables. 

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Five on Friday


After a super hectic weekend, I just wanted to rest. However, Monday cannot be a day to rest. I had a long list of jobs to be finished. On the top of that I had doctor’s appointment around 12:00 in the morning. So, before going to doctor’s office my plan was to finish all chores. It took a long time there. Doctor asked to me to do a couple of blood tests. Anyway, from there I came back home . I got little time before going to pick my son from school. I utilized the time by making some cards for my Etsy shop.


After a busy monday, I thought I could get a little easier Tuesday. However, it turned out, much more busier. Since morning, I had been driving around the town. In the morning, after dropping my son to school, then I finished all jobs at home, I went to lab for blood test. From there I went to pick my medicine. It was way past one when I came back home. I rested a little then went to pick my son from school. As soon as I picked him up from school there was no room for resting. We rushed to his Kung Fu class, from there we rushed to his swimming class. After coming home I helped him with his homework, before fixing the dinner. Oh God!! What a day was!

My sweet peas vine


This was another usual busy day. Since morning I had been doing one job another after. I literally didn’t get time to sit, before my son went to violin class in the evening with his dad. Then I sat for a while, and chatted with my mom over the phone.

The potato plants are doing very well


I told you before, that I try to keep Thursdays a little low. However, this Thursday was an exception. I missed one swimming class two weeks before ,So, I went to makeup swimming class. In the afternoon my son has doctor’s appointment after school. Oh boy! This kid is really a chatter box. He chatted with doctor so much, that lastly doctor told me that he might be a lawyer in future. 

Can you see the tiny broccoli?


I usually wake up 5:30 in the morning. However, today morning I woke very early. I just wanted to stay in bed for another few minutes more , but kiddo, who everyday snicks in our bed in the middle of the night, had been kicking me a lot. So,I left bed. Moreover, I had piles of jobs to finish as early as possible. My target was to finish everything within 9, and I finished everything within 9:30. Then I went to school for volunteering. From there I went to my best friend’s house. It had been long we didn’t sit and chat over coffee. At last, today we could manage to sit, and we chatted for a long time. It was so relaxing that we felt that we gained the much needed energy. Around 1 in the afternoon I came back home.

What to do with that many tomato plants?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Oat flour bread

I didn’t have oat flour in my pantry, but I did have oat meal in my pantry, which we usually eat for breakfast. So, to get oat flour I ground the oat meal in grinder, and it worked all fine.

Here is my oat flour bread recipe:

Half cup all-purpose flour

Half cup oat flour

Two tbsp. firmly packed brown sugar1 tsp. baking powder

One fourth tsp. baking soda

1/4 tsp. salt

Two tbsp. vegetable oil 

One egg

Half cup cold milk

One tsp. vinegar

One fourth cup raisins

One fourth cup chopped almonds

Take the cold milk in a cup, add vinegar into it. Keep aside for ten minutes, it’ll curdle.
In a big mixing bowl, mix all the dry ingredients, except the sugar, and keep aside.
In another mixing bowl, mix oil,sugar, and egg with an electric mixer until smooth, and fluffy.
 In the same mixture add milk and vinegar mixture, and mix well.
Pour the dry mixture , and mix well. 
Preheat the oven at 350 degree F.
Take a 9”X5” baking pan. Grease it with an oil spray. Pour the mixture into it. Bake for half an hour or until a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Yosemite rivisited

Few months back one of Mr. Man’s friend contacted him after a long time. Actually he was his classmate in Elementary school back in India. The guy was visiting California, and he asked Mr. Man to accompany him to Yosemite. I also didn’t want to loose the opportunity to go to Yosemite. The  steep high mountains with lurking numerous falls apart from the famous ones always fascinate me. 

Roaring Merced River

This time we were even more excited than other time, because we knew that the falls were going to be over-flowing with water due to rain and snow through out the winter. We started very early in the morning, even before the first ray of soft yellow sun came into our backyard swimming pool. Anyway, we reached the park around 9 in the morning. To our pleasant surprise  we didn’t need to pay the park fee, as it was National Park day. When we were entering the park, the Marced River was flowing in full force , pounding the rocks with great roaring sound. We saw the same river, we heard the roaring sound , but this time it seemed that the roaring sound, the force, the amount of water all were much more that any other time with visited previously. The beauty of the river was so captivating, that you could spend a whole just by sitting on a big rock on the river bank. This time didn’t have any plan for hiking, we went there just for sight seeing. Our first stop was Bridal veil falls. Yosemite is a popular tourist destination. So, it  is always full on the weekends, especially on the Saturdays. As we crossed Pohono Bridge and took the turn, we saw a long queue to enter parking area. Luckily, we got a parking space. The fall was looking so beautiful and majestic. That was full with so much of water, the water was evening seeping on the parking area, and we literally tiptoed on the water to reach the trailhead head of the fall. When we reached the foot of the fall, the area was white with the mist. The area was extremely cold, and wet. It was impossible to stay there more than few minutes. Within that few minutes we got totally drenched by the tiny droplets which were spluttering from the foot of the fall.

Majestic Bridal veil falls

Someone is goofing around

From there we went to Tunnel View point. Before entering in the long tunnel, the semi circular vista point gave us an enchanting view of lively green high mountains with many waterfalls gushing out from the creases. 
As the Glacial point was closed due to heavy snow through out the winter, we decided to return from there, instead of going ahead. Then we went to the center point, the Yosemite Village, from where we could take trail to the lower Yosemite falls. However, when we reached the Yosemite Valley, all the parking lots were full. It was very much crowded, everyone was rolling in cars from one parking space to another. We already saw the lower Yosemite falls, but our company was there for the first time. So, we decided to drop him at the trailhead of lower Yosemite falls, and asked him to go and see the falls. We took more than 45 minutes to get a parking space near Valley store. Our plan was to go to the sites inside the park in park shuttles. 

Tunnel view point

After parking our car, we walked to the lower Yosemite falls trailhead. In the mean time our company already completed his Yosemite falls visit. Then our plan to go to the Mirror Lake. After waiting few minutes we got the shuttle and went to the Mirror Lake trail head. From the trail head it was one mile walk to the mirror lake. It was an easy hike. The funny things is that, when you see the lake, you cannot find anything exciting, but if you see the pictures, it looks so beautiful. The big rock inside the lake looks so beautiful with clear mirror image inside the lake. 

Teneya Creek
Mirror lake

The most exciting happening was waiting for us. From the mirror lake our plan was to go back to the valley to have lunch. We were walking towards the bus stop, and we saw few people were whispering and taking pictures. The we saw a mountain lion came almost near to the trail. The color of the lion was as same as the mountain. So, sometimes it became difficult to locate the lion. However, whenever it was moving we could see it. Usually , the mountain lions are very shy, also they are nocturnal. 

Can you spot the mountain lion

Till then we went to many mountains, but never saw mountain lion. It was sheer luck, that we could see a mountain lion on a bright sunny day in the afternoon. The lion was completely unfazed by the presences of human beings. Anyway, that was good, otherwise it the if lion became angry, anything could happen. We were lucky that so many people were present at that time. However, it was a great gift to see wild animal in his own habitat. Then we came back to valley to have late lunch. We came back around 8:30 at night. It was a long, long day, but we were happy.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter



I apologize for my delayed wish to you. Last two days were really hectic to me. I couldn't wake up early today morning. All of you are my beautiful friends, I know you will understand.. 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Five on Friday


At last the spring break was over. We again came back to our normal routine. However, our spring break was not a lazy one. Mommy-and-kiddo were super busy. We had a school project to finish. Though the submitting date was in May, still we utilized our break time to finish. So, we didn’t need to rush later. As both father and son left the house I literally jumped into my works. For seven days I couldn’t clean my son’s room. In that seven days he cut out numerous papers to build “airport," “planes," “Fighter planes," and of course “Titanic”. The room was in great mess. I can’t clean the mess in his presence. So, it was a golden time for me to clean up. 
Home Depot kid's workshop collection :)


Morning it was quiet, but, in the afternoon my son and I became super busy. He had two activities back to back. When we came back home it was already seven. 
Iris in my front yard


The morning started at six. My son had Breakfast book club in school. I usually volunteer there. So , we had to reach school at 7:30. After volunteering there I came back home around 8:30. Again, I had my swimming class at 9:45. I tried to finish all the chores, including cooking before going to class. I almost finish everything before going. Again my son had his swimming class in the afternoon. He had not a pleasant day in school. He was very upset. I had a hard to cool him down. Lastly everything was fine. It was a real hectic day.


As usual I try keep Thursdays a low. I usually don’t do much work. The paper purging job was long pending. Today, I succeeded to do that. I’m planning to put some Mother’s day in my Etsy shop. For that, I spent the afternoon making some cards, before going to pick my son from school. 


What a day it was! When I started the day I didn’t imagine that the day was going to be that much long, overwhelming, and hectic. I created my to-do list in the morning. As usual it was long. My  Fridays are always goes very busy. 
On the top of the one of our company is going come from India, and  we are taking him to Yosemite on Saturday. So, I had some extra chores like washing the car which was due almost last four months. I also had volunteer duty in school. I started doing my chores very fast. While cleaning one bathroom, I decided to clean potpourri bowl which was ket there. I was cleaning that bowl and was thinking the consequences , if that bowl fell from my hand. As I was thinking that, I bowl slipped from hand, fell in the bathroom floor, all the splinters scattered all over the bathroom, in the hallway, even in the adjacent room. What a hot big mess! It took another fifteen minutes to clean all the broken glass pieces. I felt so exhausted , that I thought of stopping all other works. Still I managed to finish all sorts of cleaning, one load of laundry, and washing the car. The car looked all new again. Vacuuming the car was  another episode. I bought a new vacuum, and I didn’t know all the functionality. I couldn’t figure out how could I use it to clean the car.  Then I switched on my laptop, found out the tutorials, then I could use the vacuum. Anyway, I  finished everything, only I didn’t get time sit card making, which I have to do very quick as I’m planning to put some Mother’s day card in my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Whole wheat flour banana bread

The comment from Judy of Judy’s Gold Country cottage , took me back to my childhood days. I always love the rainy days. I grew up in India, which is a tropical country. Rainy season is a different season  there. During that season, it rains almost everyday. Rainy season is a vital season, as the farming of the country very much depends on that season. Anyway, when I was small I always loved the heavy rain in the morning. As I knew that very few students would turn up to school, the whole day in school would be fun, rather study. Though, my mom tried to resist me to go school on those rainy days, but I ended up going to school. Today, in the afternoon while I was sitting in my bedroom, and staring to the cloudy sky, I felt to write down this little memory. No, I'm not chatting , I'm also giving a recipe of banana bread, which you can enjoy with a cup of coffee on a rainy afternoon.

One and one fourth cup whole wheat flour

Half cup sugar

One chopped walnut

One tsp. of baking powder

One tsp. of cinnamon powder

One tsp. of nutmeg powder

One third cup of oil

Two eggs

Two ripe bananas

Preheat the  oven at 350 degree F. Smash the bananas with a fork and keep aside. In a big mixing bowl mix all the dry ingredients, except sugar. In another mixing bowl mix sugar, and eggs very well,with an electric mixer. Gradually mix the dry mixture, while mixing. Then add the banana paste, and mix well. Lastly add the walnuts, and fold with a spatula. Take 9”X5” in baking pan, grease with  oil or butter spray. Pour the batter, and bake for half an hour , or a knife comes out clean while inserted in the middle.