Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Snacks at ‘The French Loaf’

My son stays at school for an hour only. So, I use to wait outside the school during that time. I usually spend the time either reading books or talking with my friends. Yesterday while chatting with one of my friends, whose daughter is my son’s classmate, told me about a swimming class. After coming home I suggested putting our son to swimming class, and my husband readily agreed with me. In the evening we went there.  While coming back my husband suggested walking for some time. We walked towards Survey Park. On the way we saw the restaurant ‘The French Loaf’.  We saw the restaurant many times before. Especially at the time of going to my mom’s home I use to see the same restaurant.
My husband wanted to have evening snacks there. I was also feeling hungry, so, I didn’t object. That was the first we went inside the shop. The ambiance of the shop was very good.  The sweet aroma of baking increased my appetite.   It was difficult to find out something from many mouthwatering foods. However, my only criterion was to have something light. So, I went for chicken puff. My husband wanted to try Tex-Mex Chicken Croissant. My son, who is an avid fan of sweet desperately wanted have pineapple short cake, without knowing the taste. Actually there was one bright red cherry on the top of the cake. Only by the look my son wanted to eat that. Anyway, when I put the cherry in his mouth, he didn’t like the taste, so, my husband and I finished the cake at last, after many failed attempts to feed him the same. Anyway, both the savories were really delicious. A big cup of coffee with patties in a cool and quite place really made us to forget, at least for some moments, all the problems in life. We took our own time to sit there, nobody was there asked to leave us. We sat for a long time and thoroughly enjoyed our snacks. The big cup of coffee reminded me the Starbuck coffee chain back to the USA. For few moments I missed Starbucks before giving a sip in the coffee. Anyway, that half an hour we enjoyed a lot. Though I wanted to for some time more, but my son became too impatient to stay there. So, we left the restaurant.
Although the restaurant is little bit costly, but going there some times is really worthy to uplift mood.       


Sayantani said...

we frequented this when in banaglore. now I bake so much that never feel like going out...but the taste of their brownie is awesome.

krishna said...

you are awesome cook dear. i know you can easily give them a tough competition.

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