Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Organizing Closet

I think this is a common problem to everybody. This problem always bugs me a lot.  All my efforts, which I put on arranging articles in closet, usually go in vain within few hours. Believe me; sometimes I feel that I lose more calories in cleaning closet that in exercising in the gym. The things in the closet are always rebellious. One stack cannot stand another. Whenever I put one stack of clothes beside another, first one falls over the second. They really get pleasure in giving me pain. If I don’t arrange them often, they jump on me when I try to open my closet. Even when they are nicely stacked, they don’t want to listen to me. If I want one of them, others also come along it. I don’t know how those simple articles at home can take my sleep away. First I thought that the clothes in hangers are more civilized that those who are on the stack. However, my assumption turns out to be totally wrong. They are as wild as the others. Sometimes I can’t find the hanging cloths hand. Sometimes they make friendship so close with the neighbor that when I pull one, the second one also comes with the first. The more mischievous ones hide behind the others, and in the time of hurry when I can’t find, I feel like pulling my hairs.
 Especially my son’s clothes are as mischievous as he is. Not only are his clothes, his toys more mischievous than him. It is extremely difficult to arrange them because of their shapes. I dedicated two drawers for them, but no use. First of all my son clutters them on the living room floor, and when I want to send them home, they become so naughty that I can’t close the door (the drawers). After a great effort they at last compromise with their own places and let me close the drawers. I found that two drawers were not enough for them so I bought a big basket for them and gifted to them. However, my son doesn’t like see them in their home, so he always set them free. I had to keep my patience and wait by keeping my hands tightly folded until my son goes to sleep. As soon as he hit the bed I send them home, but as soon as wakes up, he set them free again. Often, I think to give up keeping his toys arranged but cleaning fanatic like me can’t resist to do that.
My son’s possessions are not in my hand, but the others things in the closet are very much under my control. For a long time I had been thinking how smartly I can arrange things in my closet, so that, I can make space for more articles. I know that is very much possible, which can reduce my every alternate day labor. Long back I found very beautiful arranging boxes in the market. I literally jumped on them, but money always matters. I don’t want spend money on them. Then I thought basket would be cheaper. They gave me a box when they showed their price. From then I was thinking to find out a substitute of boxes or baskets. Then I found!!! The cartons!!! Yes!!!! They are free. Only thing is that I need to spend little to groom them for the closet. I put his clothes in cartons according to their shape and size. I thought, at last I’ve won. Again I was wrong. Within that close area they fight with each other.
At last I give up to civilizing them. I accept the fact that I need to arrange them as often as possible.  Still I love to get ideas from my friends to tame them.

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