Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ben Fish !!!

Long back when I had been studying in school first Ben Fish came in market. One day after coming back from the office, my father told us about the eatery. The department of Fisheries (WB govt.) runs eatery; had created a soft corner among the fish loving Bengalis (Bengalis are world-wide famous for their affection towards fish) soon after they came in market.  My father used to tell us that his colleagues thronged there during lunch-time. Anyway, the funniest thing was that I had never tasted any of the items until today.   
Anyway, today evening three of us went out to take a stroll. I asked my husband about our evening snacks. However, instead of suggesting anything, my husband asked me in turn. I couldn’t suggest anything after giving much thought. Suddenly, we saw a Ben Fish car outside a Shopping complex. Almost simultaneously we suggested each other going there. We literally rushed to the car. However, there was not much items left. Among the few items we chose fish fry and butter fish fry. Then we went to sit on the stairs of a nearby theater hall, and enjoyed thoroughly the two dishes. Yuum yuum yuum, delicious!!!!.
 Suddenly in the middle of the road when you feel hungry, you can easily go for Ben Fish. I hope you can really enjoy that.

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Jay said...

Hy Krishna,
stumbled upon your space, while blog hopping..
interesting space you have..
sure gonna stop by Ben Fish, next time..
happy following you..:)
do stop by mine sometime..

Tasty Appetite

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