Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Eating out at madly corwded Haldirams'

The big Haldirams’ shop and restaurant always attracts me since I first saw that near Ballygange Place. I wanted to eat out there for a long time. Being a strict non-vegetarian my hubby usually avoids the place. Lastly, I gave requesting him to go there. 
The Crowd

One day, when I was bit angry, he suggested going there. As usual I simply rejected his plan. Anyway, after few days I agreed to go there, and we decided to have dinner in the same place. From outside everything was very normal when we went there. Even the ground floor was quite empty. I had been anticipating a spicy dinner until we reach the first floor. It was a hard blow on my face when I entered there. I couldn’t even think of such a crowd till the last step of the escalator. Usually,I don’t have any patience. I promptly told my hubby to leave the place. He is a very cool person. He asked me to wait. We started running from one end to another to get a table. It was like the play musical-chair. We decided to go two different directions, and who would get first would call another. At last my hubby literally grab one table, and we sat at it. My hubby went to stand in the long queue to get our food. I wanted to have chole bhature and he went for chaat. We ordered sandwich for our son, but he didn’t want to give a bite at all. Anyway, the food was good, but we couldn’t enjoy that. I enjoyed the madness of the crowd rather than the food. Moreover, our son disturbed so much that, we just gulped the food rushed out from there. I was just overwhelmed by the madding crowd.
Father-son duo

I have doubt in my mind that whether I’ll go there second time.


P.N. Subramanian said...

Interesting read. I thought that Haldirams are confined to Nagpur area though their products are available in all parts of North India. The eating place looks like the food court of a big mall. Waiting for a table is quite distressing. This happens many times in Tamilnadu.

Sanandita said...

Ami okhane weekdays e gechilam raat 8tay, ekdom phanka chilo goh!

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