Friday, April 27, 2012

Bhajahari Manna

We heard the name of this restaurant before. My hubby’s aim was to have food in every famous restaurant in Kolkata. So, one day when we went to Gariahat , he suggested having lunch there. We went to a small branch of the restaurant. So, the ambience was not appealing. It looked like very small and ordinary restaurant. Anyway, my hubby literally jumped on his feet when he was told that ‘Chital maach’ (a kind of fish) was available. He ordered for ‘Chital macher petir jhaal’. I also felt like having Hilsa. So I ordered ‘shorshe ilish’ ( hilsa with mustard paste). Bengali lunch should have one daal( lentil) and vegetable curry. So, we ordered for moong daal( yellow lentil) and one vegetable curry. We were served in a very simple manner. However, when we tasted the food, we couldn’t speak any word. It was so delicious that I felt like having more and more fish.  The chital maach tasted awesome. After a long I tasted hilsa and it filled my mind.
I can go back there as many times I can manage.

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