Friday, May 11, 2018

Five on Friday

Tomorrow is Teacher’s Appreciation Day. I had tons of things to do. I spent the whole weekend reading book. The mystery books always keep me on hold. I cannot do other things until I finish the book. I made the mistake when I started reading “Hickory Dickory Dock” of Agatha Christie Friday night.  When I finished the book Sunday evening then I remembered about the jobs I had to finish. Anyway, after dropping kiddo at school today, I rushed back home, and first job was to clean and mop the garage, as it was going to be my workstation for rest of the day. First I sat to make a decorative box, from cardboard box. It took almost entire morning. My next job was to make Teacher Appreciation door decor.  I didn’t have much supplies to do that, so I decide to write a beautiful quote on the paper, and that took me forever. In the meantime I went to school to pick him. Then after coming back again I sat down again with the decor. At last around 6:30 in the evening I finished everything, and went to school to put the decor on the door. I had been sitting in the garage since morning, still I felt so exhausted in the evening.

Again in the morning I was on rush. I was supposed to bake a cake for the teacher. I realized that would take whole lot of time in the morning, and I had not that much time in hand. Before packing the cake , it should cool down. So, I decide to bake muffin, which would take much less time to be baked. So, the morning was for to make breakfast for the family, make lunch and pack for Mr. Man, and son, bake muffins for teacher, pack the gift for her. I finished everything within eight. Then after coming back from school, I cleaned the entire house, which was on big mess, as I didn’t clean since Friday.

The gift box and card, both are made by me

Today I got a time to have a little rest. I had not much things to do. I took a long walk today. Long walk in the morning always makes me happy.

Trail side wildflowers 

It was another busy day. After all cooking, exercising, and walking in the morning I went to several stores. Lastly went to mall before picking my son from school. After buying one gift card for an upcoming birthday invitation, I stroll around the mall trying to remember what else I need to buy. Then I thought  spending less money would be wise. So, I went to school. Kiddo wanted to go to library, as he wanted to rent “Peanuts” collection. He is huge fan of “Peanuts” . Even he is trying to play the “Peanuts” theme song in violin. Then after coning back I remembered  I wanted to go to “Bath and Body Works” in the mall, as I had some coupons.

Bakyard harvest, broccoli, kale, peas, spinach, and chard

Till date I didn’t get a relaxing Friday. My Fridays are always super busy. Today was no exception. I finished half of my chores before dropping my son to school before eight. Fridays he has to go early for the Run Club. I took along walk. From walk again I went back to school to volunteer. Then I finished rest of the chores. After lunch went to Costco shopping. After picking him from school, putting away all grocery haul, baking bread, at last I got time to sit in the late evening. Phew!


Linda @ Life and Linda said...

You are busy as a bee. The gift box is so cute. Walks are refreshing. Enjoy.

Kathy Leonia said...

so lovely flowers:)

RaeAbigael said...

long walks are always so nice to relax. i'm glad you still got to do it despite your busy week! :)

xoxo, rae


Anonymous said...

Hi, You did a great job on the teacher's gifts and door. I'm sure she was touched by your creative skills and thoughtfulness. I hope you'll have a nice Mother's Day weekend....maybe a nice walk to enjoy spring's beauty. The pink rose photo is lovely.

Shweta Shah said...

Seems you had very busy week. Now you can relax and enjoy your week end.
Happy week end.
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Betsy said...

I've never read Hickory Dickory Dock and I love Agatha Christie books. Whew what a busy Friday for you. I am wishing you have a Wonderful Mothers Day!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

WOW!! You have been so busy!!!
Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words!!

Beauty Unearthly said...

Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

Luana said...

what a busy week!
love the pics!

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Maria Cândida said...

Very beautiful your blog. I loved the little boxes, they are quite functional and decorative. Congratulations !

Elena M said...

Nice photos for a great review :))

Rafa Oliveira said...

Great photos and week.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, you sure did have a busy week. I am sure the Teachers appreciate all you do. Walks make me happy too. I love Agatha Christie's mysteries. I will add this one to my Goodread's list of books to read. Enjoy your day and new week ahead!

DIMI said...

Love your boxes beautiful!!You are so talented!
Lovely pictures of the flowers!

Sarah M said...


Oh, amazing !


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