Saturday, November 19, 2016

Tomato-coconut Salmon curry

Sometimes I feel to cook fish in some different way. I love to experiment just with a little twist. Simply changing few spices in cooking, can yield a great recipe. When I cooked salmon with coconut and tomato, it turned out to be a very satisfying comfort food. Here is the recipe.

Five pieces of salmon fillet

Half cup of grated coconut

One cup tomato paste

One tsp. ginger paste

One tsp. garlic paste

One small onion 

Pinch of turmeric powder

Salt to taste

Two tbsp. of oil (I used olive oil)
Wash the pieces of salmon. Marinate the pieces with pinch of turmeric and one tsp of salt. Keep them aside. If you don’t have tomato paste, take medium sized tomato, cut into big chunks, and make a puree in a mixer, keep the paste in a small bowl. Wash the onion, peel it, and cut into big chunks.
Again in the same mixer (no need to wash after making tomato puree), crush the onion. You don’t need to make a smooth paste. If you are using freshly grated coconut, then just make a paste in the same mixer. If you use coconut powder, like me , then add 2-3 tbsp. of milk (you can use soy milk or almond milk) to make a paste. 
Now heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan in medium. Add the ginger paste, and stir for few second. Then add the onion paste. Stir the mixture, and cover the pan, let it cook, stirring occasionally. After 4-5 minutes, add the tomato paste. Mix it thoroughly. Cover the pan with lid, and let it cook. When oil starts oozing out, add the garlic paste, just mix well. Then add the coconut paste. Add salt and turmeric, cook the gravy for some time, string occasionally. Then add two to three cups of water, bring into boil. When the sauce starts boiling, add the salmon pieces. Cook covering the pan until the salmon are done. The pieces will change color from bright to pale pink. It will take about 10 minutes. When the fish is done, uncover the pan, and cook until the gravy reaches the desired consistency.


  1. Sounds good, Krishna. My husband loves salmon and he would enjoy this dish. ♥

    1. Thank you.. you can try it.. it's very easy..

  2. That looks so good! Tumeric is so good for you. I try to cook with it often.

  3. Looks flavourful and delicious ! Thanks for sharing.

  4. interesting and yummy recipe thanks for sharing

  5. Curry looks so yummy. Perfect for kerala rice

  6. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  7. Thank you all my friends for your encouraging comments.. :)

  8. It sounds really good. Simple and full of flavour. I do love ginger and garlic. And they go so well with coconut.

  9. That sounds really delicious! You make lovely Christmas baubles. Thank you for visiting my blog!AriadnefromGreece!

  10. Salmon is my favourite meal ... your creation sounds delicious!

  11. Nice! I've yet to try eating salmon this way. xoxo

  12. I never would have thought of putting these ingredients together but it looks very good and I love salmon!

  13. Looks like a great recipe, Krishna. My daughter loves fish so will pass it on to her. Happy Thanksgiving..Judy

  14. How creative!. It is so delicious. Thank for sharing. I love salmon. I’m going to try it now