Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Strawberry loop hiking

It was Saturday morning. We had a plan to hike somewhere. According to our plan we left home after a heavy breakfast, around 10 o’clock. Sun was shinning brightly. The weather was warm compare to the month of November of any other years. The weather must be cool, the air must be cold and crisp, in November. However, this year the weather in November, is more like spring weather. Anyway, I decided to hike on a trail in Oakland, but Mr. Man told that was very easy. We should go for at least on a moderate hiking trail. So, he found to Panoramic hill in Berkeley. 

Why the name in Panoramic, I found out while hiking. When we reach the trail head of Strawberry loop, the sun was very bright and hot. There was no typical parking space at the trailhead. We parked our car on roadside. We crossed a concrete uphill path to reach the actual trailhead. That concrete road was real steep one, when we reached the trailhead we had been already panting. At the starting of the trail it was little bit flat, and covered with trees. When we reached the trail head we could see the entire bay, including the Bay bridge and Golden Gate bridge.

Then suddenly came the steep trail in front of us.  Climbing that part we reached in front of a house full of different cacti and succulents. We named the house succulent-home. 

There the trail met with a car road in front of the house. Anyway, crossing the road again we reached the trail. For few minutes the road was almost flat. Next, again a real steep part came.First part was sandy, and sand were very loose, we slipped few times. The next part was full of gravel, where we had to put our foot from one stone to another after carefully watching them to avoid falling.  From that point we could see the whole bay including the Bay bridge and Golden gate bridge more clearly. As we walking higher and higher we could see the bay more and more clearly.

 At one point we reached a flat area from where the bay was very clear. Again we started walking upwards continuously getting the panoramic sight. The trail was alternately flat and steep. Then again came a steep part. Every time a steep part of trail was coming in sight, Mr. Man kept telling that was the last steep part. Anyway, after crossing the “last” steep part, we kept one walking a flat winding road. Mr. Man assured me that, as it was loop trail we were not going to cross the gravel laden path anymore. After walking long on the flat winding road, we saw few people were climbing up from a point off the flat path. We thought we could go on the flat path. Luckily, Mr. Man check the path, then we realized we had to climb up that part to come back. Rather walking on flat path we again walked on up and down path. 

What I anticipated ,came true. We had to climb down the gravel path. Climbing up was not a challenge , but climbing down was really challenging. We had put every step very carefully , to avoid falling off. After that we reach the succulent home. Rest of the path was easy to climb down. 

The total hike was 7.5 miles. Sometimes covered with tree, sometimes not.Though we climbed more than 1000 feet, but as it was not a continuous uphill path, we didn’t face too much difficulties. It was great for exercise. The trail was not at all crowded. Very few people were hiking with us. Even sometimes we three were alone on the path. It was an enjoyable hike. 


  1. I just came back from a short holiday in the highlands. My legs are now aching due to the 2 days of walking up and down the road. The view from your hike look beautiful!

  2. Amazing Saturday morning with Nature *
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  3. amazing post :)
    Have a nice day :)

  4. Climbing down gravel scares the heck out of me. But oh, those terrific views of the Bay!

  5. Wonderful post, dear! Your photos are amazing!

  6. Amazing photo!
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  7. Wonderful hiking experience. Beautiful shots.

  8. Awesome views! Was this in the Tilden Park area by any chance?

  9. Looks like a nice hike. thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  10. 7.5 miles - I'll say, that is great exercise!

    I love walking, but I've never walked that much in one day.

  11. You do take some beautiful hikes! 7.5 miles is a good workout.

  12. What a fun time. I'm not sure I could even walk for 7 + miles anymore, so kudos to you. And thanks for those magnificent panoramas.