Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Still the weather is cool. Still the air is nice and crisp. Still the trees are wearing the burning red and orange color leaves. Before the weather becomes cooler than now,rain starts down pouring I must write down my beautiful, eventful, enjoyable Thanksgiving celebration with my readers. First I want to just say that I’m extremely thankful that you guys read my blog. Here I write down my experience in life. Mostly I share with you all the happy moments. That not means I’m always happy, always active, always on my toe. Though I try to do that. Anyway, let me tell my Thanksgiving weekend story.

My son got a weeklong off from his school. He was happy, but I was not. Though I invited one of our family friends to spend the holidays with us, I couldn’t tell my son that they were going to arrive at our place on Wednesday of that week. If I told him then he would drive me nuts by asking every moments when his friend was going to come. 

Yes, our family friend has a little son of same age. Anyway, the week before Thanksgiving my son started crying one day, when we told him that,we were not going on any vacation. Somehow I managed him to calm down. The week started not so bad. On Monday my son had a play date with his classmate,but, that poor little boy was down with bad cold from the day before. So, we had to cancel the plan. As I didn’t tell him about this plan also, I could avert a catastrophe at home. Anyway, two days were past uneventful. He started getting bored, and missing the school. Only good thing was that, my husband decided to work from home on Wednesday. He was little bit happy on that day as his his dad staying with him in home. Wednesday morning I was extremely busy , because our friends were going to arrive by the afternoon. I cooked for that next few days except the Thanksgiving dinner. We had different Thanksgiving dinner plan. I didn’t want to cook during their stay, so that I made my cooking plan like that way. My son saw that I was extremely busy, and he took the full advantage of the situation, and wanted to watch TV. I had no other option to get rid of him. :) After I finished next two days cooking, and all other household jobs, made sure that our friends would fell comfortable after arriving at our home I found out that I didn’t cook our Wednesday lunch . My hubby dear suggested to have launch outside. First I dined, then I agreed with him. To have a simple comfort food we arrived at In-n-out ,hoping it would be little less crowded unlike weekends. To out complete surprise the eatery was crowded even more than any usual weekends . After coming my son was acting sluggishly which is his usual nature. I pushed him to change his dresses to pajamas. When he came out from bathroom, to his utter astonishment he found out his friend (my friend’s little one) was waiting for him in his room. They both were super excited to see each other after a year. Rest of the Wednesday went by. We chatted a lot. 

After one year I could see friend, though we talked almost everyday over phone. Next day was the Thanksgiving Day. We had a big plan. From past year Black Friday Sale starts at 6 in the evening of Thursday, instead of 12:00 at midnight. So, apart from dinner, we had plans for shopping. Like me, my friend is also an avid crafter. So, obviously my friend and i decided to go to Michael’s, the craft store, which usually opens at 4 in the evening for Black Friday Sale. I had to plan to do every thing very smoothly. After lunch, I started preparing our grand Thanksgiving dinner. My plan was to prepare every thing before going shopping at Michael’s. As per plan, I baked apple pie for dessert, prepare everything for Minestrone soup, I marinated the mutton for meatball, and other preparations. Then my friend and I rushed to Michael’s . Our next plan was to go to Macy’s in the nearby mall. After coming back from Michael’s at 5:30 we rushed to Macy’s which was going to open at 6 O’clock. We didn’t spend much time in the mall, still we managed to buy whatever were in our list. After coming back home, my husband and I prepared the dinner. 

That was extremely enjoyable time. Our dinner menu included Minestrone soup, meat ball, cheese stuffed garlic bread, baked chicken, and apple pie.Next day our plan was to make a day trip to Napa Valley. I had been in Napa several years back, but my friend and her family had never been in Napa. So, she was pretty excited to visit Napa and taste wine. First we went to Napa downtown, to have our lunch. Next plan was to go to some winery and taste wine. We traveled around Napa Valley in vein to find at least one winery opened on that. 

After searching around, we found out winery open, eventually that very one we tasted wine several years back. One this journey, the added thing was that, we could see the scenic beauty of the place. The vast valley with covered with vineyards after vineyards, and beautiful wineries amid them. Sometimes it was the vast plain land, sometimes it was gradually elevated to a little hight. The little narrow lanes of the quite valley covered with big trees. Through the little gaps between the trees , beautiful serene cottages could be seen. The small town was very quite , and calm. People seemed very happy, unlike major cities. 

When we reached the winery, it was full of people, as all the others were closed, it was little bit over crowded. We didn’t have any reservations in , but my husband was not the person to give up. He was determined to taste wine. Lastly, the front office guy managed a table for six. Though I don’t drink at all, still I tasted one glass. To me all wine taste same. If I tell this to my hubby, he will very offend, that in all these years I couldn’t develop my taste for wine.  When we came out from the winery it was almost dark, and all of us were tired. So, we cancelled our plan to go to Sausalito, and came back how straight. However, those days we spend together was brilliant, and hopefully we would enjoy in the same way next year also. 


beena stephen said...

Good post krishna.

Nancy Chan said...

So glad to hear of your friends and son spending some really good time with you and family. The dinner looks so yummy.

Rajesh said...

That is truly enjoyable outing.

Margaret-whiteangel said...

You certainly had a full time there..but enjoyable by the sound of it.

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