Thursday, December 10, 2015

Gingerbread house from box

As the Christmas is coming around I am making decorations for Christmas. Every year I decided I will start making decorations one month before, but i always end up starting after the first week of December. My problem is that I don’t get my inner inspirations to start Christmas crafts. As soon as December starts, so many ideas start to come in my mind. Anyway, last year my son begged for a gingerbread house. Lastly, I told him  that, I could make house which looks like gingerbread house out of box. First he was not ready to agree with me, but lastly he accepted.
Decorate how you like to do. :) 

Here I would like to share the method I made the house.

1.Take a box of your choice. 2.Point the center on the four sides. 3. Mark the hight of the house on the four sides like the above picture. 4. From the center points on the top join to the two sides of the straight line drawn to mark the hight. 

1.Cut out according to the mark. 2 The box will look like above.

1. Loosely connect the four sides with tapes.

1. Cut two pieces of boards to make the roof of the house. 2. Cover the two boards with a single white paper to give a tent like shape which should fit the the box. 3. keep it aside

1. Cut out door. 2. cut out windows. 3. Cover the windows, door and the house with papers separately according to you choice. 4. Attach the door and windows from inside with tape, so that you can move them.

Attach the roof.


Amelia said...

Hi Krishna, your are very creative. The gingerbread house decoration look so cute and beautiful. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

Have a nice day, regards.

Nancy Chan said...

Hello Krishna, you have made a very pretty gingerbread house for your son. Thank you for sharing with us the steps. This year I am so lagging behind without anything being done. Have a beautiful Friday!

Rajesh said...

Very creative work.

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