Sunday, September 20, 2015

Zucchini Sandwich

Actually once I found a sandwich kind of dish recipe with eggplant in a cookbook of Martha Stewart. I couldn’t make that, because all of us have eggplant allergy. So, I decided to try the same dish with zucchini, when there are plenty of zucchinis in my backyard garden. I also have changed some in the recipe. Instead of using feta cheese I used homemade cottage cheese. The dish turned out delicious.Here is the recipe.

One cup milk (full fat or 2% reduced fat)
One 1sp. vinegar or 1 tsp lime juice
One big zucchini
One tomato ( I didn’t have large tomato, so I used few cherry tomatoes)
salt to taste
Freshly ground black pepper 
canned olives
Salt to taste
Few fresh basil leaves
Oil for frying

Cottage cheese:
Boil one cup milk in a heavy bottomed pan. When the milk start rising from bubble to foam, add the lime juice or vinegar, and constantly stir the milk. Milk will start to curdling. Let it cool down. Drain the whey by cheese cloth. Tie the cheese in the cheese cloth  and hang for half an hour to drain the remaining whey. 
Cut zucchini into thin slice. You will need four slices. Here I’m giving the recipe for two sandwiches. Apply little salt on the pieces. Heat a heavy bottomed frying pan on high. Slightly oil the pan. I used oil spray. Fry the both sides of the zucchini slices on high heat. Set them aside. Switch off the stove. Now add salt, black pepper powder to the cottage cheese, and fold nicely. Cut the tomato into thin slices. Take one piece of zucchini slice, spared nice a layer of cottage cheese mix. Put a tomato slice on the top of it. In the mean time cut the marinated olives,and take out the pit. If the olive are already pitted just cut them into halves. You will get marinated olive at any Mediterranean grocery store. Place one slice of fried zucchini on the plate. Put a dollop of cheeses on it. Then put tomato, basil , and olive. Cover it with another piece of fried zucchini. 


beena stephen said...

Healthy sandwich

Rajesh said...

That is delicious.

Nancy Chan said...

This looks and sounds nice and healthy.

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