Sunday, September 13, 2015

Vegetable-fish stir fry

Since past few days unusual bizarre things are happening in my house. First the strange sound from all pipes through out the house. One fine morning I was cooking and teaching my son simultaneously. First my son noticed the odd sound, which was like a distant sound of garbage truck. He repeatedly ask me from where the sound was coming. Every time I told him it was a distant garbage truck. However, after some time I went to garage, and I heard the odd sound very loudly, and realized that the sound was coming from my very own garage. I called my husband , and he found the sound was coming from the pipes. I searched on the Internet, and found the solution. Next two days were fine. Again on the fourth day heard that same sound. After much thinking we found out that, whenever the sprinkler on the front yard had been started the sound was coming. Then imperatively we called the plumber. He told that, the main valve of the water source was to be changed. 
Next our green trash can suddenly vanished from our front yard. Here usually the garbage trucks come on Friday. So, we put out our garbage cans on Thursday night. That Thursday night  we did the same. Next morning, I didn’t notice whether the green trash can was still there on our front yard after the garbage truck took the waste. In the afternoon I didn’t see that. I saw my husband kept the other two cans aside. I thought he already put that very can inside. Next day while both of us working on the backyard, I couldn’t see the can. I thought he took that can to front yard, to put yard waste in it. I asked him to take the can on our backyard. He told me, he didn’t take it. Then we realized the can was missing. Again we called the Waste Management, to get another green trash can.
What happened latest was the most abnormal among all the incidents. None of us were at home. Mr. Man was in office, I took our son to swimming class. When my son and I came back home I saw the backyard door was open and again another strange sound was coming from somewhere. My son kept the backyard door open. But from where the strange sound was coming? I saw the backyard door, one of the glass panel was looking very unfamiliar. I stared to the panel for few moments then I realized that, the glass was broken into tiny pieces and on the verge of falling on the ground. A chill downed spine, how it happened? Had anybody came inside the home? I couldn’t figure out how did that happen. I even didn’t find out any stone or something on my backyard, which could be thrown by someone. Till now it is a mystery to me. We call the glass repair personnel, who told this kind of bizarre incident can happen one in a 15000 glass. And we are that one. 

Anyway, I’m jabbering for long time. Those who are reading my nonsenses are deserve a recipe. 
Two tilapia fillet
One small zucchini
One small onion (thinly sliced) 
Few big mushrooms
One red bell pepper (you can use any color bell pepper)
Three-four fat garlic cloves
Corn flour to give thin coat over the fish pieces
Salt to taste
Oil for frying (I used olive oil)
One tsp. of cumin powder
Pinch of turmeric powder

Wash the fillets and dry them with kitchen towel. Cut into medium pieces. Marinate with salt and turmeric powder. 
Chop the garlic cloves. Thinly slice the onion. Cut the mushroom, zucchini, and bell pepper into small pieces.
In a flat bowl take one cup of corn flower. Add salt and mix well. Heat  a deep wok in medium, add one-fourth cup oil. Wait until the oil is steaming hot. Dip the fish pieces into the corn flour mixture to put a thin layer of corn flour all over the pieces. Fry until slightly red. Keep them aside. Fry the pieces 3-4 at a time depending on the size of your wok. 
In the same oil add the chopped garlic. When you get the fine aroma, add all the vegetables, give a good stir. Cover the wok, and let them cook stirring occasionally. Cook the  vegetables throughly. You don’t need to add water, as the vegetables are is high in water content. When the vegetables are almost fry, add cumin powder, mix well and cook for another few minutes. Lastly add the fish pieces, carefully stir the mixture without breaking the pieces. Cover the wok, and cook on very low flame for another few minutes. Serve hot with roti. 


beena stephen said...

Bookmarked recipe . Will try

Rajesh said...

That sounds delicious. Broken glass is scary.

krishna said...

yes.. it was scary indeed..

Zoe said...

Hi Krishna,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to hear from you.

Very healthy stir fry! Will love to eat this everyday :)


krishna said...

Thank you.. :)

Nancy Chan said...

Hi Krishna, I am new here. That looks like a nice healthy and yummy stir fry. Have all the strange sound and strange things stopped?

krishna said...

Yes.. now nothing strange is happening.. thank god.. :)

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