Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Zucchini Fritter (another way)

I failed every time when I want to make zucchini chips. Until now i don’t know which is the exact method to bake crispy zucchini chips. After many failed attempt , currently I’ve decided not to make anymore zucchini chips. However, what to do with so many zucchinis I’m harvesting almost everyday. The other I was chatting with one of my friends in Whatsapp, who lives in France. She gave me a recipe of zucchini fritter, but I miserably failed to make that. I was desperate to make good fritter without deep frying. Then I came with this recipe.
Two medium sized zucchini
Salt to taste
Bread crumb (With Italian seasoning is preferable)
One egg
Oil spray
One big bowl
One big stainer

Something heavy (Like a big heavy bowl filled with water)
Cut a little parts from both sides of the zucchinis. Grate the zucchinis. Mix well  the shredded zucchinis with salt .Place the stainer over big bowl. Pour the zucchinis on it. Place a heavy bowl filled with water on the of the shredded zucchinis. Keep it at least for one hour. (You can do the same thing by tying shredded zucchini in a cheese cloth and hang that from somewhere over the kitchen sink.)By this way the water inside the zucchinis will be drained out. You will get dry shredded zucchini. Take it in a big bowl, add one egg and enough bread crumb to make a tight dough. Take golf ball size amount of the dough, make a ball and flatten to give a shape of a circular fritter. Spray oil on a frying pan. Heat the pan on medium. Arrange the fritter on the pan in batches. Fry one side until brown, then flip to fry the other side until brown. Server hot with tomato sauce. Perfect snacks with tea.


beena stephen said...

Healthy fritters

krishna said...

Thank you Beena.. :)

bj said...

ahhhh, bet these are delicious...thanks so much.

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