Monday, August 3, 2015

Journey from Singapore to Home country

The longest and arduous journey
It seemed to be an easy task, as there was nothing to do inside the plane, but sitting back idly. However, that was a real pain. Siting back , and doing nothing, and watching movie could be a nightmare to a person like me who likes to keep herself on toe. On the top of that sitting on a tiny seat continuously, gives only pain to waist and legs. However, I must say this is the first time in six year after my marriage I sat back and watched 4 movies one after another !!!! 

Anyway, after everything was done smoothly, we had a brunch at cafe Monto at the airport. We had a plenty of time in our hand. Soon after, we felt bored,especially my son became frustrated, and started disturbing us a lot. He was so bored that he couldn't keep himself on the chair.He started acting very silly. Anyway, we had been waiting eagerly to hear from the authority to announce to boarding the plane. At last we heard the announcement. Thanks to our little one ,we could avoid a long queue to board the flight. The starting was not so bad. Father and the son started watching movies. 

I have no habit of watching TV. So, I started reading the newspaper. After finishing that, I sat back for few minutes to think, what I should next. Actually I didn’t want to switch on my tablet, in the fear of losing the battery of it. At last I switched on it, then I started reading Anna Karenina, which I had been thinking of reading for along time, but I never started reading. Soon after, I started writing journal, about our journey from home to airport.  One round of meal was already finished.

 I didn't know what to call it, though it was a full fledged meal, we had at  4 o'clock in our time. When I read or write I always crave for coffee or tea. I didn't take the coffee with the meal, I asked the air hostess to give me a hot coffee, which also help me to stay awake. Already my back started paining. It seemed  that it was a never ending journey. I often watch the time in my wrist watch. 

Though it was giving me the US time, I had no problem in calculating the time of our destination. As we were traveling from west to east, we the time was rapidly changing, I found we were always in sunlight, though every time we were getting "dinner". After getting bored I started watching movies. Though I finished 2 movies two movies, but our stopover destination Seoul was still far away. 

We arrived at Seoul airport. We were relieved, as we got chance to walk for a while. After a hassle free check-in we waited in the queue to board to Singapore bound plane.  That was another 8 hours journey to Singapore. After boarding our son started watching movie. Again the meal arrived, this time I also didn't know whether it was lunch or dinner. Soon after the meal our son started sleeping. My husband was still awake. I slept on and off. My husband told me that, he would sleep a lot after reaching the hotel at Changi airport. I asked him not to be very optimistic, because our son was not going to sleep in the hotel room, because he was already getting some sleep in the flight. Anyway, after getting down at Changi, we checked in at Ambassador hotel. As I anticipated that my son would not go to sleep, that happened. He already slept in the flight , and he was full of energy when we went to bed at 2 o'clock at night as per local time. We booked the hotel for 6 hours. We desperately wanted to sleep, but our son was full of energy, refused to sleep. He had been literally jumping on my back before falling asleep. The alarm rang at 7 in the morning. We sprang out of bed and quickly got ready. We left the hotel at 8 in the morning. Actually we wanted to avail the Singapore bus tour to see the city. Unfortunately we didn't get three seats for bus tour which usually starts at 11:30. So, we booked three seats for the tour at 2:30. From 8 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon was a long time, especially when there was nothing to do. My husband wanted have a brunch, so that we didn't need to have food before going to Singapore tour. It was real challenge to pass time. I think we walked to and fro within the airport. There was nothing to do. I was eagerly waiting for the Singapore tour, because I missed the tour 4 times before. My husband wanted to take a foot massage , but I didn't allow in the fear of missing the tour. 

Anyway, at last we went to board the bus. To our great disappointment , it was raining heavily outside. It really dampened our spirit, I understood that our tour was going to unsuccessful.  We couldn't get good photographs of our tour. Anyway, amid heavy rain our tour started. The city was really green. Everywhere, I could see only green and green. In such a small place they could maintain the environment. One striking feature I could see that all the big trees were covered by many kinds of parasites. Like my last visit Dubai, here also I could see the architectural beauty  in all modern building. Among the old parliament building the typical colonial architecture could be seen. Anyway,  most disappointed moment to me was not getting chance to get down to see the Singapore symbol, the Marlion. In totality,  the tour was quite disappointing. My husband and I both agreed that we would come back again here to see the city in depth.

Again our waiting start for last flight from Singapore to Kolkata. My son fell asleep just before boarding. He was so tired that it was inhuman to make him stay awake. I also fell fast asleep. Suddenly my husband tapped me. I woke up and saw he already stood in the line to board the plane. My poor little one had to wake up for the security check in. He cried all the way, and after check in he again fell asleep.  Anyway, after boarding our son even didn't have his dinner. I finished the last movie what I was watching last. After that everything was hassle free except getting our suitcase. We had to wait more than 45 minutes to get our suitcases. At last we reached home at 1 o'clock in the early morning. 


Rajesh said...

Interesting travel experience recorded very well.

Amelia said...

Hi Krishna, thanks for sharing your Singapore trip with us. Travelling long journey with children is not an easy task.
Nice pictures,very well taken.

Have a great day ahead,regards.

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