Friday, January 9, 2015

3 herb chicken

Dill is known for its very strong smell. I’ve never cooked any dish with dill.
Once I watched one recipe in youtube where the chef used dill on the dish, and he told about the strong smell of dill. The other day I went grocery shopping, and I picked u dill along with kit and coriander leaves. And I cooked biryani, where I used all the three herbs. The taste was really, really good. So, I decided to cook chicken using these three herbs. 

One pound chicken (I used boneless, you can you use any kind chicken you like)
Two stems of dill
Two stems of mint
A handful of coriander leaves
Three tbsp. of yogurt
One tsp. ginger paste
One small sized onion
Salt to taste
Pinch of turmeric powder
Pinch of garam mashala
3-4 green chilies
One tsp. paprika powder ( If you like hot enough , you can use red chili powder)
One tbsp. of oil

Wash the chicken pieces and pat them dry in a kitchen towel. Take a deep bowl, put the chicken pieces in to it. Chop the coriander leave, cutting and discarding the end of the stems. Chop the dill, cutting and discarding the end of the stems. Tear the mint leaves from the stems , and discard the stems. Add all the leaves in the bowl containing the chicken pieces. Add yogurt, ginger paste, and salt. Mix well, and keep the chicken overnight.
In the morning, finely chop the onion. Heat oil the in a wok, in medium heat. Add the onion and fry until oil oozes out from it. Add the marinated chicken and cook under medium heat covering the wok. Stir the chicken occasionally. You may need to add water. Add water 1/2 at a time. When chicken is almost done, add salt, turmeric powder, green chilies, paprika powder, and bring into boil. Boil the curry unto desires consistency.
Serve hot with roti or steaming rice.


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