Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday crafts

This year my Holiday decor is going on rather in a slow pace. I had some decors, which I made two years ago. I put them up in the house, but that turned out nothing. I realized, I needed to make more and more crafts to decorate my whole house. I thought that, I was doing all the crafts very fast, but after so many days I couldn’t fill up my rooms with decors. 

Anyway, currently I stop doing more, because , I find I’m not creating anymore good stuff. I’m thinking something else, but crafts are turning out something else. So, I realize I should stop doing more crafts now, only which are yet to be finished. Still many of the walls are empty. May be after few days if I think, I’ll do rest of the item in my list. Here I’m giving some of the pictures of my Holiday crafts. 

The wreath on the front door
The centerpiece on the dining table
Christmas cone
Wall hanging
More Christmas cones
Santa Claus

More wall hangings

Cross stitch wall hanging

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