Monday, June 3, 2013

Rabri from leftover


The other day I saw a beautiful post in one blogger friends’ blog, “Color and spices”. She made delicious malai chomchom. As a sweet tooth I was thinking when I would make that the dish. Last Sunday I arranged a small get together in my place, and I thought it was the perfect time to make malai chomchom. All the friends were coming Sunday night. So, many things to finish sinceSunday morning, and I was in an extreme hurry. Everything was going fine, but as soon as I put the chomchom in the sugar syrup, many of them broke down into pieces. It was very disappointing. Somehow, I managed to keep some of them intact. Still my big wok was full of sugar syrup. I boiled for some time to make it thick. Just I kept the syrup aside, no idea what to with that. Next was to make the malai. When I put the milk powder into the heavy cream, the batter seemed very watery. So, to make it thicker, I put more and more milk powder into the batter. As a result it became too thick to stir. Then I started putting more and more heavy cream to get the correct consistency. When I got the correct consistency I found that I made a big bowl of malai. At that moment I had no time to think about the extra malai. Anyway, when I showed the plate of malai chomchom my hubby dear , he wasn’t at all impressed. Phew!!! He thought I was making rasa-malai. Anyway, in the course of conversation he expressed his desire to having rabri.  What to do??? No time to make rabri. I assured him that he was going to get rabri very soon.

Next morning I was thinking how to use the thick sugar syrup and leftover malai. The first dish came in my mind is rabri. Though I failed to make the malai chomchom, but rabri turned out lovely with sugar syrup and extra malai.


Here is the recipe of rabri:

Half Cup thick sugar syrup (I had sugar syrup, so I used that. however, you’ll use normal sugar.)
One cup malai
One cup whole milk


Boil the milk to half with the sugar syrup. When the milk will reduce to half add the malai and stir continuously. The rabri is ready. Let the rabri to cool down and pour it into small dessert cups. Garnish with coconut flakes.

N.B. My dear friends, my advice to you is, never try to make any Bengali Sweet in hurry. Always take your own time to make; otherwise it’ll be a great disaster.

You’ll get the recipe of malai in Color and spices. Please visit her site, she is an awesome cook.



Kitchen Queen said...

Well no chum chum, but u still managed to make something delicious out of all. Appreciate if u visit me too

Preeti said...

Looks delicious !! Thanks for the recipe !! I usually make when there is 2to 3 days leftover milk . I boil the entire qty to 1/4th. Add sugar when almost done then a little bit of powdered cardamom and dry fruits (whatever in stock at home:)
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I could not reply you on mail as yours is a noreply setting. I followed your blog long back:)

Indrani said...

This looks delicious!

Rajesh said...

That is interesting.

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