Sunday, June 9, 2013

A lazy Sunday breakfast

I usually follow the blog, Bong Mom’s cookbook.  First of all I want to congratulate her for her success. Today morning I was reading a book review of her book. From there I came to know she is a “Ghoti”, which made a very soft corner in my mind, because I’m also a “Ghoti”. Apart from the Bengali people, rest of the world will wonder what “Ghoti” is. However, to write about that I think I need to create another post.  Anyway, today the reason to writing this post is that, her blog inspire me to cook “luchi and sada alur torkari” for today’s breakfast. After getting up in the morning I was feeling too lethargic to move myself from the chair. I was surfing Facebook very reluctantly. In a newly joined group in Facebook I was reading the review of her book. The book reviewer put some pictures of “Luchi”. That very picture drove me to cook the heavenly combination. I bet any Bengali cannot hold back the water in mouth after hearing this combination. Anyway, again I want to congratulate her for her book. It is not an easy job to compiling a book.  Please friends visit her blog,Bong mom's cookbook

And here is my Sunday breakfast.



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