Monday, October 8, 2012

The mess that I made


Since morning I had been making mistakes one after another. First of all, though I knew that, I had an appointment with physiotherapist at 9:40, I was doing all the works very slowly. I was under the impression that, I needed to start from home at 9:15. When it was almost 9:15 I realized my mistake. In no time I got ready and rushed to the bus stop. As usual I didn’t get the bus. It was already 9:25. I call my hubby dear. The poor guy rushed from office to take me to the place.

Anyway, I had an ample of time in my hand after attending the physiotherapy session. As usual I decided to go to Michaels’. I called Him, and told my plan. He asked me to sit at nearby Starbucks, after I finished my shopping in Michaels’. So that he could pick me up while coming home with our little one. I told him that I would call him. After entering Michaels’ I forgot everything. I started browsing from aisle to aisle. All those lovely things were beckoning me. I was mused so much; I forgot to watch the time. I planned that, this year I would decorate home for Fall and Halloween. I started picking things for Halloween. I got a discount coupon of Martha Stewart products. So I searched for Martha Stewart Halloween papers. Unfortunately I didn’t found. I didn’t know where my mind was, I just didn’t care to call him to pick me up. He also didn’t know where I was. He thought that I was at home. At 12:36 I came out from the store and I called him to pick me up. His jaws fell apart. He told that he almost reached home. Oh no!!!! What a mess I made. I told that I would come by bus. However, I knew that it would take almost one hour to reach home by bus. He asked me just to wait. He again came back, picked me up and came home.

However, that I did shopping at my fullest. I was very satisfied. Whatever I wanted to buy, I bought almost all the things. :)

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Jay said...

nice post...sometimes v get lost in our own world..forgetting d present..:)
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