Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shopping in Michaels'

I was in a hurry in the morning. By any means I had to reach the physiotherapy center. Before leaving home I just checked the schedule, and I found that I had to reach within 10:20 instead of 10:30. I literally ran to the bus stop. Today I was lucky. As soon as I reached the stop I got the bus. After getting down from the bus I rushed to the center. To my utter disappointment I found that I didn’t have any schedule today. But I had an appointment today according to the schedule I was given. I felt like shouting out of anger.  They didn’t properly change in their system, and they gave me a wrong print of the schedule. Anyway, nothing could be done, because the concerned physiotherapist was absent. Anyway, I decided to go Michaels’ from there, my favorite shop.  Actually this year, I decided to do little fall decoration in my home. Anyway, I had ample of time in my hand. Mr. S was going to come to pick me up at 12:30. I decided to stroll aisle by aisle in the store. First I fished out some things, which were kept outside of the shop. The trays outside of the shop always attract me, because of their throw-away price. :) I always lose myself when I go inside Michaels’. Anyway, I had started picking up many things, from yarn to acrylic paint. Actually I wanted to buy some decorative punches, but I thought, it would be wise to buy at time of ‘Thanksgiving’ sale. Then probably I can get in much cheaper price. Fall wreathes were expensive, so I dropped the idea of buying one. Lastly I saw that, I’ve picked up many things except any decorating article for fall. Anyway, I picked a small pumpkin. When I went to pay, I found that I was going to cost a great amount. So, I kept some of the articles in store. I told Mr. S that I didn’t buy all the articles I liked. He told me that I could buy freely whatever I liked. So, Friday I’m going there again to buy the rest of the articles I liked. :)


Preeti said...

Well done! I guess you must visit the physiotherapist quite often ;)

Anyways, the shopping therapy always works! I keep on ordering few things online every now and then so that the inflow is regular. It is good to buy less but more number of tines, then you stand more chances of warming your eyes on beautiful things :)

krishna said...

Thanks Preeti. yes you are right... then more often i can go and i can get chance to see beautiful things.. :)

Rajesh said...

It looks like you ave have shopped all that you need.

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