Saturday, September 15, 2012


Suddenly many guests arrive at your home, and you don’t want to cook anything. Or you want to have something cool right now, without giving much effort. Do you have avocado at you home? Then there is no problem you have to give a little effort to make a delicious smoothie. 


Just like me, what I did with the lonely avocado was left in my refrigerator. One morning I was not feeling good. My right leg had been paining since previous day. So, I decided not to do any kind of work, but just to sit on my bed. However, suddenly I craved to have something sweet. Nothing was available at home. I opened the refrigerator and saw the avocado. I decided to give a try to make something sweet with the avocado. 


Here is the recipe:

Serving size: 1

1 avocado (a little ripe works the best)

¼ cup milk (you may need more according to the firmness of the avocado)

1 tsp honey

1 tsp sugar


Mix everything in a food processor. Pour in a glass and decorate with chopped almond. Serve cold. 



Suchi said...

Will definitely try this sometime!

Kusum said...

Very interesting smoothie. Must try once :)

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