Monday, September 17, 2012

An hour in Starbucks

I always longed for one simple thing, to sit alone in a Starbucks coffee shop and spent some time with myself . One may frown, but I never done it so far. I have always been there with my family. One day I told about my desire to my hubby. He told me that I could easily do that, when my son is in school. That was true. Actually, I had been thinking for a few months, but I never went there, though it was very convenient to me, because there was one Starbucks near to his school. So, I could go there and spent some time before picking him from school, but somehow I never got around doing it.
Since past few days my legs had been paining intolerably .so, when my hubby suggested going there on previous day ,I did not have the strength. In the morning my hubby again told me to go there. After both of them left home, I gave a little thought. First I thought to drop my plan to go, but later I decided to go. It was already 10:30, and my son’s school was going to be over at 12:30. So there was not much time in my hand, still I decided to go. Around 11:15 I reached there. I took one cold cafĂ©-mocha and sat at a corner table. When I entered there, as usual, all the tables were full. Somehow I managed to get one table, but the place was very nice. I could see the road from there. Anyway, I took my journal and a book with me. Past few days I didn’t write . So I decided to pen down all the stored up thoughts. Truly there was mystery in the environment. When I write something at home, I often cannot find words, but here words flowed in. I didn’t stumble anywhere in my writing. After finishing my journal, I started reading the book. It was so easy to concentrate there. I always face difficulty to concentrate in reading at home. Now I could understand why people go to Starbucks to study. Previously I used to think,’ why do these people sit here? Don’t they have place at home to study? Is it really easy to concentrate? ‘What was the magic behind? I wondered. Anyway, it was already 12:30; my hubby picked him from school and called me to get ready for home. Thus ended a beautiful outing to Starbucks .I enjoyed the special ME time to the fullest.


Preeti said...

Cool! :)

Yes, we very much need our ME time. Even if we are not occupied with household work, sometimes we just cannot concentrate on any activity. There are many unfinished projects around, either I feel take all of them together or just leave it.

krishna said...

thank u for you lovely comment..:)

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