Thursday, October 27, 2011

Unforgettable times with parents

Living in another country far away for from homeland is not very easy. Once, it was a dream to me to come to the United States. Four years before, I got the opportunity. I came here after my marriage. I was very excited to see the country. However, when I have started living here, I realized the pain of living in another country, far away from my homeland, and separated from dear ones. Anyway, when my parents showed interest to come to the USA, I readily agreed. However, at that time we couldn’t apply for visitors’ visa for my parents due to some reasons. After everything became alright, we decided to bring my parents here. I was very much tensed, because they are aged people. Though I agreed with them, I was in dilemma whether I took the right decision. When we were going to the airport to receive them I so tensed that I started shouting to my little son for no reason. My husband understood the problem and he asked me the cause of my tension. At that time my brain was not working at all, I was only thinking that if I saw them in bad health, what I could do then. My tension mounted up when they didn’t come outside after an hour. My husband and I requested wheel-chair assistance for both of them, because of their age, moreover my father has problem in his right leg. We knew that any person with wheel-chair assistance was always cleared first by customs at the airport. It was already more than one hour their flight arrived, but didn’t come. At the moment my husband went to the enquiry booth of the concerned airlines, I saw them coming. To my huge relief I saw them in good health. After two long years we met each other. It was an amazing feeling to all of us. Still I was concerned about their health for the forthcoming days. I was more concerned about my mother’s health than my father. However, the fact was that, my mother was almost normal, but my father suffered badly from jet-lag. When he reached home he felt dizzy and fell from the stairs near our home. Fortunately, he didn’t suffer from any kind of injury.
As the days passed by, they accustomed themselves with the new environment here. My mother was happy to get chance to spend time with her grandson. They played a lot together. She last saw her grandson when he was just a 6 months old. It was really amazing that my shy and introvert son became close with my mother within no-time. It’s very true that children always love to spend time with their grandparents, because only the grand-parents can act as of the same age of their grandchildren. Both of them had a very good time together. My father used to pull his leg, and my son used to get angry on my father. The little one used to show his anger on his grandpa by biting him. Two of them always had a good fight. That was also enjoyable to me. My father felt a little bore, because he couldn’t do his usual jobs at home, like doing grocery or going to the bank. However, my mother didn’t feel bore, rather she didn’t get time to relax. She was there to meet my son’s and my demands. I wanted to chat with her, but my son wanted to her to be his play-mate. I used get angry on my son, and he used scream at me.
Before my parents came here, my little son used to go to a day-care for three days a week, so I could freely do any jobs at that time.  My husband and I decided not to send him to the day-care anymore, when my parents came here. We wanted him to spend time with his grandparents. However, our fear was that, he couldn’t stay with them, without any of his own parents.  At that time I was attending one course, for that I used to go on Monday and Wednesday. My husband asked me to keep him with my parents one day to watch his reaction without us. So, one Sunday evening my husband and I left him with my parents, and went to market. What happened next was beyond to our imagination. My son didn’t cry for a moment, he simply forgot us and gladly stayed with my parents. From that day I understood that I could go out freely. So, I had no problem in attending my classes.
After arriving here they didn’t face any health problem, especially, my mother who has acute digestion problem. She is always afraid of eating anything apart from the routine food. I thought that, when they had no health problem, why wouldn’t treat them with some different dishes which they didn’t even dare to taste before? First, I baked pizza one night. I was very satisfied when both of them enjoyed it a lot. On the next they day didn’t have any health issue. That raised my confidence level. I had been started cooking different kind of dished from different country till the last day they were with us.
They stayed with us for one and a half month, which seemed very short time to us. Still I cannot understand how quickly that time passed by. Before they came I thought that, I could get enough time to spend with them. As the time of their departure was coming near I felt that, one and half months were very short. Within no time the last day came. It was very painful to say good-bye. Just after they departed all the inauspicious thoughts came into my mind. If it was possible I could have run to them. I wish I could become a little girl again. If I could become a little girl again, I could have spent the time with them what I’m missing.

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