Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ephemera: Memories to cherish

Few days ago, I read an article on scrapbooking, and I came to know a new word ‘ephemera’. I searched for the meaning of it. I found that the meaning is something of no lasting significance. In that article, the author showed the reader one of her scrapbooks which she created long ago. She wrote that, when she went through the scrapbook one year later, she remembered the minutiae of the life. After reading the article, I wondered how to keep the memories of my ephemera beautiful.
Actually, I have been keeping the ephemera, like tickets, hotel bills, restaurants checks etc., of our every vacation for last four years. Before, I usually kept those articles in a bag. Then, I thought, how could I keep them in a nice way? I tried to put them in the scrapbook along with photos and journals, but it was a difficult task to put all of them in one place. Then I decided to keep them in a separate book along with related journals. Because, I always like make something from throw away stuff, I decided to make the scrapbooking pages from Trader Joe’s grocery bags which are made of paper. By folding the bags and gluing them together in certain way I created the book. Then I put all ephemera, which I had collected so far, in the book chronologically, and I embellished it.

The Book cover

Coke museum , Atlanta

My son's 1st B'day

 Sometimes, I think that these small things, which we usually forget in no time after use, can have a great significance. When I open the book, I can remember each and every trivial happening on those trips, even where we took a break during the journey, at which restaurants we had our breakfast, from which Starbucks we bought coffee, and so on. It is really wonderful to cherish those things in leisure.

Napa Valley

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Sayantani said...

ami bhishon lazy janoto, kabe theke bhabchi banabo akta scrapbook. hoyei othe na. darun hoeche krishna. chhobigulo aro boro kore lagio plz, anek clear view paoya jay.

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