Saturday, July 23, 2011

Decorating home for less

What our home makes us feel? Does it make us feel happy, energized, and at the same time bring us peace? If not so, then why?  Something is behind that. A well decorated room always makes us feel happy. After a hard work through the whole day when we come back to a nicely decorated cozy home we definitely feel relaxed and happy. There are so many ways to do that. The easiest way is to consult with a designer. As we cannot always afford to do the same, or sometimes we want to do the same thing by ourselves. When we live in a rented apartment we definitely don’t want to spend much money to decorate the home. Yet we wish to live in a nicely decorated place. This is not always required to revamp home with a big-ticket, floor-to-ceiling remodel. Making just a few apparently small changes and rooms will suddenly seem richly revived which can be called smart decoration. Whether you're looking to renovate a new home or simply spruce up an old one, decorating your abode has never been easier!  We can consult with books from library which are full of ideas, makeover shows on TV and different websites. Sometimes, we just have to see what others have done and try to get ideas. Setting a focal point is a must when decorating any room. For example  the focal point of the bedroom is always the bed. Select one that best reflects your personality. Do not overdo.
Here are some of my personal ideas.
1.       Color of the room:
The paint is the cheapest decorating tool, which can be done by one self. Nothing brightens a room like a fresh coat of paint. Bright and light color room always looks spacious. As the sun light reflects more in light color wall than in dark color wall. Bright sunlight in the room helps to energize us. If you feel the light color is very dull then instead of coloring the whole room with dark color you can paint some specific areas of one or two walls with any bright color that matches with base color of the room. For example the wall behind the TV you can paint with bright color in your living room. Coloring in small areas are much easier and can be done without any help.
2.       Less number of furniture (Less is more):
In recent time living in a big house with large rooms cannot be imagined. So heavy furniture in a small room makes the room look clumsy. Slick and less furniture are always good and make the room more specious.
3.       Less number of collectibles:
Many people have hobby of collecting home decors, so do I. So fostering this hobby one shelf can be kept in one side of the room.  However many home decors make room looks cramp than charming. The color of the furniture should have some similarity between themselves as well as with the color of the walls. Sometimes if any furniture cannot be found in a desired color then the same piece can be colored by you with available furniture-paint in market. If you like to decorate your home with flowers you can put little ikebana instead of putting regular flower vases.
4.       Give old furniture a new look:
Instead of throwing old furniture you can be give them a new look. The piece can be colored and covered with some nice piece of fabric. If you have a functioning sofa but hate the upholstery, cover it up. Slipcovers are cheap alternatives to reupholstering. If you can sew, do it yourself; otherwise, take help from skilled tailor or seamstress to make classy covers for déclassé furniture. Sometimes old and unused furniture can be used in a new and innovative way. Once I saw in a TV show that one lady converted an old wooden rocker into a coffee table.
5.       Light colored curtains:
Dark colored heavy curtains make the room looks always dark whether it is a sunny day or a cloudy day. Light colored contemporary designed fabric can be used for window dressing.
6.       Try to reuse things before throwing them away:
Before throwing away anything, be it a piece of paper or a broken plate just try to imagine how those pieces can be reused in a different way. Once my mother made small shelves from the shelves of the broken refrigerator door. I saw an artist converted a broken plate into a clock by putting quartz between the two broken pieces of the plate.
7.       Try to use articles from the thrift store:
A regular visit to flea markets, antique shops, thrifts store can be very helpful. Sometimes nice decorating pieces are found there. Those pieces can be given a different look. Some thrift shops have kitchen sections. A shelf of bright dinner-set will make the kitchen sparkle, which is cheap. Once I bought a pot from a thrift store. However, still I don’t know what actually that is. That may be a tea pot or a jug. I use that piece as a flower vase. Everybody who comes to my house asks me from where I bought the nice vase.
8.       Do some DIY project:
There is no need to be an artist to paint on a canvas. For example you can color a canvas with the matching color of the room. Then put some shape cut out from somewhere, be it a bird or a flower and paste on the canvas. Internet is the best option to get ideas for doing this kind of small project. Some stores specialize in old art prints; you can also find old prints in antique stores or even junk stores. Once they're framed, they look mighty pricey.
9.       Try to do some handmade articles:
I believe that there is some artistic sense in everybody. The only thing is to find it out. So making some tablecloths or paper mash décor or simple painting is not a rocket science.  
10.   Give some personal touch:
Decorate a wall in any of the room with old photos and your child’s paintings. When you remember those days from the photos and the paintings, you’ll automatically feel happy.
11.   Keep room clean:
To Decorate a room is not a one- time job. The room should be kept neat and clean. A neat room with simple decorations is more desirable than dirty room with costly articles.
12.   Do not clutter:
Minimum and useful things should be kept in the room. So many articles make the room looks untidy and to be withdrawn. Once you decide what to keep or not to keep, then organize a yard sale. Use that money to buy any big-ticket item.

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