Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Home sweet home

My first home in the USA

View from the patio
The Sycamore Apartment Complex in Azusa, California was my first home in the USA. For almost three years we lived there. I made lots of friends in the apartment complex. Fifteen days after I got married, I came to the USA, and it was my first home with my husband. Though it was a rented one, I loved that home very much.
A lot thing happened there which are very memorable to me. Suddenly it came to my mind, I should do something to preserve the memory of that home. That’s why I wanted to write a blog.
Our living room

As it was a rented home, I knew that once we left it, we would never go back there. I strongly bonded with that home. I decorated it with my own art work. All of my friends appreciated my home decorating ideas.
My son was born there. It was his first home also. During my pregnancy I used to do some art work every day because I used to think that after I became a mom, I would not have time for my hobby. We celebrated our son’s first birthday there.
My art works

December 9, 2007, I stepped in the USA for the first time with my husband. After spending three days in hotel, we moved into this apartment. That as the month of December, and it was very cold. I was feeling very cold as I came from India, a hotter place. The lease manager could not provide us with a one bedroom apartment, so he provided a two bedroom unit temporarily. The apartment number was D48. The heater was not working, and the apartment temperature was 58 degree F. Moreover, due to the position of the apartment, it was devoid of sunlight making it even colder. At last my husband argued with the lease manager and we got the D42 apartment, another two bedroom unit, but exactly opposite to the previous one, full of sunlight.
When we moved into the apartment it was extremely dirty. We didn’t argue much as the manager promised to give us a one bedroom apartment. Time passed, but the lease manager didn’t fulfill his promise, so we stayed in D42.
Many times we planned to leave the apartment, but we never did. I gradually started loving the place. I cleaned it by myself and decorated it.
It was not really easy to leave the apartment. I had an emotional bond with it. But my husband got a job offer in Northern California, so we had to leave. However, I’ll cherish the memory throughout my life.


Chandrani said...

First home definitely finds a special place in our hearts.......I can relate to u as i feel the same about my first place called the Sundale Apartments in Fremont.

manideepa said...

This remind me my 1st home in US .... :)

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