Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Sun Valley Diary 2

Driving from Boise to Sun Valley

To most of us Idaho is just another state. Another few think it is state which grows potato. Idaho has much more things to offer from ragged terrain to stunning lake to spectacular falls. As the state is big you need to consider which part you want to visit, as all the parts has something to offer.

While planning I found there are two ways to reach Sun Valley from Boise airport, one is via Stanley another is direct to Sun Valley. The route via Stanley is much more scenic than the other, I decided to take that option. 

After reaching Boise at wee hours of night we started for Sun Valley next morning . I found that on our route we could visit Idaho city historical district which is situated in the Boise National Forest. 

Idaho City
Idaho was  neglected for long time by the white settlers for its craggy terrain and raucous  winter. However, everything changed when in 1860 when gold was found in Idaho. Boise Idaho Basin was most popular place for gold. As gold was found, people started pouring in Idaho. Gradually, towns were established as women and children joined the men. In Idaho, you can see many remaining of Gold Rush era every where. Idaho City is one of them.

Once prosperous, full of life during the Gold rush, now the city is almost empty. The city was founded in 1862. During its heydays the city had population of 7000.  
The then post office is now a museum carrying the proof of its golden days. Few of the structures are kept on the both side of the historic district of Idaho City. At first glance you may overlook the place. So, you need to be attentive to find the little plaque “Idaho City Historic District”. 

You will first notice a little white and green building named “Galbreaith House” which was built in 1867, the first residential house there. It is really amazing to imagine how people would live in such a tiny house.

You can also see The Judge Halley’s house, which is the house of an early judge. You can even see the firehouse with the hose inside, a black smith house, last but not the least Pest house. 

Blacksmith house, please ignore the fire extinguisher. *smile*

The “Pest House” gave a chill to my spine. First I couldn’t understand the meaning of that. After reading the plaque I understood. The term PEST HOUSE came from the word PESTILENCE. At that time there were no proper structures, or sanitization, or anything we usually see in a developed city. With the influx of miners, larger camps were sprang up everywhere. That was serious threat to unplanned crowded residential area, which often added with outbreak of many contagious disease like smallpox. To prevent the outbreaks, the infected patients would be kept in those houses, with bare minimum, like small bed, a wheel chair. 

The historic district  is a great place to know the history about the place as well as the time. The children can learn how was lifestyle at that time. 

After visiting the historic district we headed towards Stanley though Boise National Forest.


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A place with nice and cute houses except the pest house. Thank God we are so much better off compared to those in the old days.

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