Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Sunday 2018

Hope all my blogger friends had a great Easter. For us it was quiet Sunday. First I thought of taking our son to Easter egg hunt, but for some reason I abandoned that plan.

 Actually , we were not sure whether I could take him to any egg hunt , so, we bought few eggs, and chocolates earlier for him, so that he could a do little egg just in home. Saturday was very hectic to me. Though I tried to have some rest , but I couldn't do that. I and a huge grocery to put away. After finishing all chores, and dinner when I sat down on the couch, I dozed off. In the mean time Mr. Man asked me to go to the bed.

 I was trying hard to pull myself from the couch ,and in the mean time Mr. Man came running through the dark hallway, and startled me. With scare in my eyes I asked him what went wrong. He reminded me about hiding eggs in the backyard. That plan completely went out off my mind. I bought everything, but kiddo was almost going to miss his little egg hunt in the back yard. 

Luckily kiddo had been sleeping at that time. Mr.Man tiptoed through the hallway to the pantry to pull the pack of eggs. He asked me for the chocolate packet, and then came the twist. I totally forgot where I kept the chocolates. All I could remember that I kept the packet in the pantry. My pantry is very small, so loosing inside was out of question. The shelf I kept the packet, was empty. Suddenly the thought came in my mind that, kiddo discovered the packet, and playing tricks with me. However, he is too small to do that kind of trick, but where was the packet? I was pretty sure that I didn't keep it in the garage or in the kitchen, still I searched all the shelves in garage, and kitchen. Then it clicked in my mind. To put away from his vision, I kept the packet on the top of a high pile of hand tissue papers. It was so high, that even I couldn't see it. At last my chocolate searching adventure was over. Both of the filled the eggs with few coins, and chocolates. Then in the dead of night Mr. Man went to backyard to hide the eggs.

In the morning as soon as the soft sunlight came through the curtain of the window, kiddo jumped out of the bed, and peeked through the window. He saw a little basket with two eggs on it. He was so excited about the visit of the Easter bunny that he came running, and made me wake up. Then he ran to the backyard to search the eggs. After collecting all the eggs he sat down with his piggy bank, and the eggs at the dinning table. He was opening each egg and jumping in excitement. It was really lovely to see the joy in the little face with the little gift.


sophi clickn said...

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Paola Lauretano said...

Happy Easter Monday doll!
Kisses, Paola.


Rafa Oliveira said...

Great photos.

Luana said...

happy easter! <3

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A Joyful Chaos said...

It sounds like a lovely way to spend Easter.


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